Distant - Tyrannotophia

Band : Distant

Album/EP: Tyrannotophia

Genre: Deathcore

Label : Unique Leader

Location : Rotterdam, Netherlands

FFO : Black Tongue, Vulvodynia, Signs of The Swarm

It took me a couple listens to fully appreciate this record. The production is outstanding for a downtime deathcore record. Its got just a hint of white noise/ambience in the backing tacks. The production is perfectly done. Everything is arranged in a way where its just catchy enough. What stands out to me is that they sound like they’ve been around forever. Their sound can easily fit in with the heavy hitters such as Black Tongue and Signs of The Swarm. The mix was very good. There were a couple points where it felt like the drums were a notch or twi lower than anything else. But overall, its a solid record.

The songs don’t seem to have a traditional structure. Each track has break downs and some slightly faster riffs. But there doesn’t seem to be much of a chorus/verse arrangement. But they flow very well. What I enjoy is the parts that make the crowd bounce. Then they rip right into a HEAVY break down. Something that could easily turn super violent. 

Im not sure if there is a theme. It seems to me that not a lot of bands in this genre put constant themes anymore. Other than the traditional “im pissed off” type of attitude. There is definitely replay value here. They have the breakdowns that I thoroughly enjoy. The gutturals are super intense. So I am definitely going to listen to this a bit more. 

Once again, I don’t know the lyrics. Since the vocals are guttural and at points not understandable, but that’s typical in the genre. My favorite part are the breakdowns. They are among some of the heaviest in the genre, and this band is still pretty new. So they have PLENTY of time to mature a bit. Compared to their last EP (Tsukuyomi), they definitely stepped it up a little bit. The production is definitely a lot clearer and easier to understand. 

Overall, its a damn good debut full length. Its got some hefty sized breakdowns, layered with super gnarly gutterals. Its definitely a must have for anyone who is a fan of the genre. Do not sleep on this band, with a debut like this, they will be going far.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: False Gods





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