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Divided By Design - Stages To Osiris

Band: Divided By Design

Album: Stages To Osiris

Genre: Progressive Metal

Location: Leeds, England

FFO: Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Dream Theater

Divided By Design grabbed my attention at the sound of “instrumental”. I am a big fan of instrumental music, when it’s done right. Usually when I come across a metal act going instrumental, it tends to be “progressive” because it kinda has to in order to be interesting without vocals. So naturally, that’s the path ‘Divided’ has gone down. Production wise, it’s pretty good for being a debut LP. There’s also obviously the benefit of not having to factor in vocals so you can much better focus on the core of the sound.

‘Stages To Osiris’ has a nice lead in but doesn’t take too much time to pick up the pace and get it into gear. For a 5 song album, there’s enough packed in here to truly showcase what these guys have to offer. And for a 3 piece, it’s rather impressive. Every song offers fast paced rhythms and up to snuff drumming. I think the skins could’ve brought it a little more and kept it as interesting as the guitar, but most of the time, played their part well enough. Something instrumental bands always have the chance of doing is highlighting the bass more-so than it might usually be focussed on. In this case, it certainly wasn’t a main attraction, but they did specifically utilize the bass in spots I found interesting, once again making it just enough to satisfy what I was looking for. I’m actually happy this didn’t go on for longer than the 5 songs, not because it was bad, but because by the end I felt like I heard everything I needed to hear. I caught on and got used to their sporadic nature and programming. In the end it was filling, and I think it would have risked boredom if they had gone any longer, assuming they didn’t whip out a few surprises.

I think there’s definitely some replayability here, given they do have a pretty fun and interesting sound to their music. However it can seem repetitive if you listen to this thing too often. It’s not a scheduled listen, but an every so often kind of listen. You catch on to everything they are doing within a few songs, and there’s not many other surprises than that. Not much more to dig into or listen for something new. ‘Stages’ has its moments of speed, heaviness, openness, and more. But I can’t say it’s anything mind blowing. Creative, but could be stronger, better orchestrated.

Everything about this is “just enough”. There’s just enough heaviness, just enough rhythm, bass, drums, ex. Therefore my satisfaction is just enough to enjoy it more than some other things I’ve heard, but certainly not on par or better than some other progressive instrumental acts I’ve heard. Great LP for a debut though, these guys have a lot of promise and talent worth exploring.

Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Orion II

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7mRCfd0eKEdMN75YnWyhrA?si=dPrtUCLySnuTLt3A9CjL2Q

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/divided-by-design/1458049772

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