Divisional Void - Absolve

Band : Divisional Void

Album/EP : Absolve

Genre: Metalcore

Label : N/A

Location : Miami, Florida

FFO : Periphery, Tesseract, Northlane

I won’t lie, at first listen, its rough to listen to. What makes it hard for me, is the vocals. It personally sounds like the vocalist is trying a little to hard, like he’s about to hurt his vocal cords. I would hate to see that happen because thats a rough one to recover from.

With that being said, the vocals aren’t all that bad. They do fit the style of music that Divisional Void. Another thing I noticed is sometimes when the harsh vocals are playing, the mix gets a little louder. Then he breaks into some clean vocals, which aren’t terrible, but they were mixed a couple notches too low. So they get kind of lost in the mix.

What I think shines the most on this EP, is the guitar work. Its very Djent/Metalcore-esque. The guitar has a heavy tone but during a Chorus, its got a very beautiful clean tone. It just reminds me of early 2000’s metalcore. How it would be super heavy, but the chorus always sounded the complete opposite.

The songs seemed to flow pretty well. They all kept a consistent speed without too many time signature changes. Basically each song was right on track and wasted no time with boring parts. From what I read in the bio, and what I could understand from the lyrics, the narrative of this Part One of a dual EP release, its a journey through hardships, loss, and redemption. I feel that bands around the early metalcore days perfected that type of theme. I can almost guarantee that if these EP’s were released around back then, they would blow up.

Im not sure about replay value on this one. As I stated before, I love the instruments/guitar work. But the vocals are a little off for me. Remember this is just me personally. Will I give it more chances? Of course! Things change for people over time. So this may grow on me.

The lyrical content hast to do with pain, loss, redemption, and suffering. Since its kid of a depressing topic, its interesting to hear a bands take on such subject matter. Especially in a time where mental health awareness is on the rise. I can’t really compare this EP to anything else they’ve released. Mostly because their other release is part two of this record. But for being a debut release, its not terrible, but its also nothing groundbreaking.

Overall, this is a decent debut for the band. Its got some solid breakdowns followed by some beautiful chorus arrangements. I feel the vocalist has some room for improvement. But then again, its also their niche. But I feel if the vocalist practiced and improved on his craft just a little more, that could help set apart the next release.

Star Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Husk



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