Divisional Void - Andhera

Band : Divisional Void

Album/EP : Andhera

Genre: Metalcore

Label : N/A

Location : Miami/ Florida

FFO : Periphery, Tesseract, Northlane

This Ep is already much better than Absolve, at least in my eyes. The production is about the same as Absolve. The harsh vocals on this ep seem a little different. There’s a bit more pronunciation behind the harshness. The clean vocals are still where I struggle to listen. What shines the most to me, is how this ep seems a bit more fast paced and intense. Which instantly drew me in.

The songs all flow about the same as Absolve. They are right on pace and don't waste any time with boring interludes. As far as im concerned, the narrative/theme rides along the same line as pain, loss, and redemption.

What they could have done, is each EP be about the opposite viewpoint. One EP be about pain/loss and embracing it, and the other ep be about redemption/try to rise above the pain and loss. That would have been unique and I dont think ive seen something like that before.

I will probably visit Andhera more often, specifically because its a bit more intense. My favorite part is definitely the double bass/fast riffs. Its very engaging to my ears personally. I wish they would have released these a couple months apart. Gives people time to absorb Absolve. My least favorite part is just the clean vocals. To me, I wish they weren’t in the eps. It feels out of place.

Overall, Andhera is definitely the route that Divisional Void needs to take, just add an extra breakdown. The band has some early Periphery/Metalcore influences and I feel they could capitalize on that. Absolve/Andhera is a 2 part dual release, and a the debut of the band. Its still early in their internet only career, but its a solid start.

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Vantablack



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