Down To This - The First Ten Years (Discography CD)

Band : Down To This

Album/EP : The First Ten Years (Discography CD)

Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore

Label : 10-54 Records

Location : Jacksonville, North Carolina

FFO : Madball, Agnostic Front, Bury Your Dead

The production on this record is outstanding. Every note is absolutely crisp and clean. Nothing is over mixed or over done. Im really impressed with this. I feel like their shining element is simple. They sound like they can fit in with ANYONE from the NYHC scene. They have the intensity that hardcore has. The vocals definitely fit like typical hardcore. Its just impressive how they sound. 

The song structures are short and simple. There are short verses/chorus’s. Each song also has a nice little mosh/2 step part. Its all guaranteed to make you bob your head. Each track has a different theme. So there is no one particular theme. But each track flows fast and heavy. As if you can feel their anger through their music, and that is something I can appreciate. Music that connects with the listener, and you can feel what they feel.

Im definitely going to have this on repeat. Im not huge in to hardcore, but these guys made the cut no doubt. As for lyrical content, it varies from song to song. There are things like calling out people bullshit, to just being plain angry. My favorite part of the record is how they take metal core stuff like super sick double bass, and blend it with hardcore chords/vocals. It works so well. 

Overall, I love this record. Im bummed I didn’t get into these guys before. They take the usual hardcore elements like the vocals, and add their own unique twist on the genre. If you are a fan of hardcore at all, you’ll love this.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Lionshare, Relentless

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