Dysmorphic - An Illusive Progress

Band : Dysmorphic

Album/EP : An Illusive Progress

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : France

FFO : Necrophagist, Obscura, Beyond Creation

The production is this record is absolutely outstanding. This is definitely the cleanest record I’ve heard in years. The production/mix is so clean that it helps add a bit of class to the record. This is what technical death metal should sound like. Their shining element is definitely the fact that they sound like experts. Almost like they’ve been around for years. I’m more partial to regular death metal, or some slamming death metal. But this is just amazing.

Each track is just relentlessly classy. The tracks are not necessarily fast all the time. They definitely slow it down at times. Almost like they infused a jazz influence into the tracks. I feel like a reoccurring theme of the record, has something to do with progress and how we aren’t really progressing as humans. I’m more than likely wrong.

As for replay value, I will definitely be listening to it more. I listen to a lot of my music at work, and I’m going to make them all hear this masterpiece. My least favorite part of the record, I cant even tell you. Everything just blends so well. You can tell they definitely took their time writing this. My favorite part, is how you can hear the bass at times. I feel like hearing the bass guitar is a staple thing in most tech death records. The bass also gets washed in the mix a lot. So I’m glad they let it shine. Compared to their last record (A Notion of Causality), this record is definitely a step up. The musicianship has grown immensely. The production/mix was littler grittier in the last record. So this record should help launch them in to tech death greatness.

Overall, this record is just outstanding. It’s technical death metal at its absolute finest. Ive never heard this band before I sat down to write this. Ive definitely been converted into a fan. If you enjoy fast and classy technical death metal, then ‘An Illusive Progress’ by Dysmorphic should definitely be on your playlists.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: It Creeps (well that’s my favorite)

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