Ecliptic Vision - Ecliptic Vision

Band : Ecliptic Vision

Album/EP : Ecliptic Vision

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Label : Self Released

Location : Syracuse, New York

FFO : Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Deeds of Flesh

The production on this record is pretty solid. Its done in such a way that it highlights each individual members talents. They all have a good mix of brutal death metal, while adding a bit of progressive technicality. What sticks out the most to me, is their unique blend of genres. I feel as if they literally take a bit from every single genre and blend it into their own. The mix was good as well. What I feel like I enjoy the most from the mix is hearing the bass guitar. So many times it gets lost in the mix. 

Ecliptic Vision seems to follow the usually death metal structure, which is next to no structure. Now that is not always bad. Not every album in the universe needs to follow the same pattern. Because then all music would wind up the same. I’m not sure of a narrative, but I feel like the album has to do with death and destruction. How am I getting that? well, look at the track names. I’m probably wrong, oh well. 

Now, about the replay value. I like the album. But I’m not entirely sure if it fits into my usual rotation. I’m sure going to give it more of a chance. Because this band has potential to bridge the gap between brutal death metal, and bands like BTBAM. Basically, I’m going to give this album more of a chance. As I mentioned about the narrative, I’m not sure what the lyrics are. I’m sure they are bad ass though. My favorite part of the record is definitely the unique blend of genres. They could play shows with bands like Morbid Angel, The Faceless, and Necrophagist (if they ever fucking come back). I can’t really point out the least favorite part. I just hope they continue to hone their craft and tighten their playing.

Oversll, this is a pretty solid record. Its got something for literally every genre to enjoy. Its got technical riffs with progressive ambience. Something that not a ton of bands really do anymore. If you were to pick a band in between progressive metal and brutal death metal to listen to, this Ecliptic Vision is definitely the band for you.

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Cephalic Anomaly

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