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Elimination - Of God's & Beasts

Band: Elimination

EP: Of God’s & Beasts

Genre: Thrash Metal

Location: East Anglian, UK

FFO: Thrash… You know the bands.

It’s been a while since Elimination has released anything, but they are back with their new EP, ‘Of God’s & Beasts’. The production is alright, but could be better. My main issue with it is the mix though. The vocals seem out of place, and everything else can have moments of dullness or being mushed. For a good majority though, things are alright on the production side of things. If anything is a highlight, it’s the vocals because of how much they seem to differentiate from the music, but we’ll get more into that.

Right out the gates, I don’t have much to say about this EP in a positive light. Everything musically seemed pretty standard for the most part. Then there was ‘What Have I Done’ where we get a very messy sounding opening/main riff. I couldn’t tell if it’s a result of bad playing or mix, but possibly both. The vocals are pretty weak for a thrash band, or I suppose any band. Seems like he’s just trying to yell across the room, and sometimes has a slight raspiness to it. It just sticks out too much as unfitting for the music. Lyrically, things seemed pretty stereotypical down to an art. Almost like if Family Guy made a skit on what Thrash bands say in songs, it would sound like this. Especially the song ‘In The Name of Violence’. I don’t say that as a terrible thing either, just, shows a lack of originality. There are only 3 tracks here, so I couldn’t judge their capabilities passed 15 minutes of music.

There is no replay value here for me. I have no reason to listen to an average Thrash Metal EP, let alone something that I consider slightly lower than average. I think some people who are very much into Thrash as a whole, and obviously these guys’ past work, will probably find something to enjoy about it. Speaking of past work, it’s been 9 years since their album ‘The Blood of Titans’. I don’t know enough about the band to know why it’s been so long, but I can say not much has changed. From what I’ve listened to, lyrics have the same content, production is the same, and if anything has changed, they possibly were better at writing the music aspect of things back then. Or that could be because, again, I only got 15 minutes of what they are capable of now.

I want to say this is your average smaller Thrash band sound, but even that proves untrue here and there due to quality and performance. Which makes me have to say this isn’t as good as it could be. I’m sure Elimination will go on to craft another LP, have fun with it, play some awesome shows, and grow their fan base, but this just wasn’t it for me.

Rating: 4/10

Strongest Song: The Return

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/754c30spXprFsAebfXg7g5?si=doGcPtxDQ-6yyxIfZzukTg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/elimination/213665614

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