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Emmure - Hindsight

Band: Emmure

Album: Hindsight

Genre: Metalcore

Label: Sharp Tone

Location: New FairField, Connecticut

FFO: Upon A Burning Body, Attila, After The Burial

Whether it be for their frontman making headlines time and time again or their in your face sound, Emmure has managed to make a name for themselves through all the years and line-up changes. Well Frankie and Co. are back with a new one to jam to after what seems like a re-awakening for the vocalist. The production is what you’d come to know, love, and expect from them at this point. A very beefy tone accompanied by very aggressive, at times, spiteful vocals. The main difference I heard throughout some of these songs are the effects on those vocals. There’s times such as the single ‘Pigs Ear’ when he just doesn’t sound human anymore. It adds to the experience and I enjoy it a lot.

This LP is a mixed bag of some solid songs and then some songs too short to even enjoy. Most of the instrumentals are good but the highlight in my ears are the vocals. There’s a certain emphasis to Frankie’s voice that is very unique. Combine the force of his aggression and the band, it’s extremely destructive and can only result in wanting to move. There’s not too much more to say about the instruments you don’t already kinda expect from them. It’s so heavy and thick that you can get confused by the difference of a normal riff and a breakdown. There are some electrical aspects/edits to the music and the vocals but nothing too “out there”. ‘Hindsight’ earns its name respectfully through some of the lyrics. Frankie, although still very prideful, covers what he has been going through the past few years and the struggles that come with adjustment to reality. It seems as if he has had a realization of all his past actions even when it comes to his own music. The result is a lot of pain, discomfort, and regret. But then you have these other songs with more Limp Bizkit type of lines such as ‘Trash Folder’. It’s definitely funny lyrically, but it’s hard to write it off completely because it does slap. Still, I don’t give those songs as much credit. ‘Thunder Mouth’ however features an ending with no words at all. Instead we get what I can only describe to be a Korn inspiration. Then ‘Pan’s Dream’ literally features the audio from a popular internet meme from a couple years ago within the rhythm (around 1:10 mark). I just don’t even know with these guys sometimes. I hope Frankie is as changed as he says he is because the lyrics don’t really reflect that. It’s more so a pity party amongst the usual prideful energy you know and possibly love from Emmure.

Being this is a 30 minute album with only a few songs just scraping the 3 minute mark, I can see why it’d be easy to listen to a couple times in a row or throw in to your daily rotation. For me, a couple times was enough, and I even skipped the singles the second time around because I already heard them a few times before. This isn’t an album I really care to listen to every day, but once in a while when I’m feeling angry. I can also see this being great workout music. But there is still that aspect to certain songs that I just can’t take seriously enough. In regards to how it might fit in amongst their discography, it definitely does sound wise, but it’s not a showcase album.

I have a love/hate with Emmure on this record, just as any others of theirs. The instrumentals are top notch bangers. But certain lyrical choices and nuances make me question what the heck I’m listening to. These songs will no doubt make any crowd go crazy so I think I will have more respect for these songs in a live setting, just not in my day to day. In the end, this was another Emmure record featuring the cocky lyrics you’d expect, just this time from the perspective of a “changed” man.

Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Pigs Ear, Gypsy Disco, Persona Non Grata

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1C62FV9Cltn9L4c9jAwCyk?si=FP5MbajiTYCmG9NLmRPGcg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/emmure/215655584

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