Equipoise - Demiurgus

Band : Equipoise

Album/EP : Demiurgus

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : The Artisan Era

Location : Pittsburgh, Pa

FFO : Obscura, Beyond Creation, Necrophagist

The production on the record is mind blowing. You can tell these guys came out of the gate swinging. I personally wish the vocals were mixed just a little higher, or the instruments a little lower. I feel like the vocals get left behind by the the thunderous drums of Chason Westmoreland. Regardless, I feel like this record is going to make some waves in the tech death community. The shining element is simple, you can tell these guys are skilled/seasoned players. They aren’t just some group of dudes from some small town. They are guys who know what they are doing. 

The songs are definitely done in typical Technical Death Metal style. They are filled with super fast drum beats. That are accompanied with face melting riffs. I don’t hear any special arrangements. You can tell when its a solo. But either way, the album flows very well. Its a record I love to throw on at work and just concentrate on my job. I cant tell what the album is about, and I don’t want to judge by its cover. The source I used to find out the definition of Demiurgus ( dictionary.com ) definines Demiurge as:

 Philosophy .

  • Platonism . the artificer of the world.

  • (in the Gnostic and certain other systems) a supernatural being imagined as creating or fashioning the world in subordination to the Supreme Being, and sometimes regarded as the originator of evil.

So one can guess, its about the creation/destruction of the world. But you know, if been wrong before. So it wouldn’t surprise me if I am now. Honestly, I am super behind on the tech death aspect of metal. I hear the names, I see th tours thy are are. But I tend to listen to the same 5-7 bands. But this band has opened my eyes a bit to that side of metal. I will definitely have this album in my mix a lot more. Its classy, and very face melting. My favorite part, is definitely how the add the piano into the arrangements. Its not over done at all, its just enough to accent the guitars. Its just absolutely beautiful. As I mentioned earlier, I wish the vocals were mix just as high as the rest of the stems. I personally love the vocals of metal, so its something I personally pay attention to. I couldn’t find their previous EP,Birthing Homunculi, but I can imagine they refund everything a bit and have matured more while writing this.

Overall, I am impressed. A lot of technical death metal now a days its just blast beats and dudes noodling around with their guitar. These guys have taken that, and made it a little more classy, by adding some backpacks and pianos. Its something im not used to, but I sure do admire it. This is a record that any Tech Death fan should have in their library.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Waking Divinity

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