Band: ERRA

Album: ERRA

Genre: Metalcore

Label: UNFD

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

FFO: Northlane, Invent Animate, Like Moths To Flames

ERRA is one of the few bands that has remained questionable to me for the past couple years. I really enjoy their 2 records post debut, ‘Drift’ being my favorite. Unfortunately though I didn’t care too much for ‘Neon’. Great band live, and clearly capable of making solid songs that stick out from many others utilizing their talents. However, these guys were 2/4 for me album wise, hoping their next record would be able to blow me away. Well not only is this their most ambitious LP to date, but it’s the best sounding too. I love when a band can clearly capture the intriquette sounds of their music, while still giving us those dirty tones all over the place.

From song to song, these whopping 53 minutes flow very smoothly. Even with almost every song over 4 minutes, some over 5, the layout of each track takes you through ERRA’s greatest effort ever with impeccable pacing. It’s due to the very catchy choruses and unpredictable nature of “what’s next?” that makes each song an adventure of its own that you don’t want to end, yet it manages to never overstay its welcome or feel too short. I apologize if I sound redundant, but ERRA is proving many “bests” here. As in, they are doing a lot of things better than they have before. The riffs are better, the choruses are better, the structures, rhythms, and overall experience is better than I’ve heard from them before. There’s a good amount of diversity between songs, while remaining consistent in theme musically. There’s a theme within the lead and rhythm riffs. The lead takes on the metalcore sound we all know but in ERRA’s unique way. As the rhythm switches between chunky beats, open notes, Tool sounding patterns, and other forms to shape beautiful and fun compositions. There’s a great balance of heavy chugs, smooth leads, solos, fast, slow, ex. All the elements are here that are needed for a record like this, without sounding boring or repetitive. It’s refreshing to hear a new metalcore album in 2021 that doesn’t feel like a hundred other records.

With how much actually goes on within this self-titled, there’s a lot of listening you can do before catching everything. There’s many layers to each instrument, including the vocals, that continue to impress and grab me with each listen. To reference the beginning of this review, this was a smash hit for me and made me feel like a true fan of ERRA again.

I love when a band truly brings out their best work for a self-titled record. As I’ve always said, a self-titled should at least fully encompass who you are as a band, and second to that, be really good. They hit both of those marks on this one. Great record.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Snowblood, Gungrave, House of Glass, Electric Twilight


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