Fawn Limbs - Harm Remissions

Band : Fawn Limbs

Album/EP : Harm Remissions

Genre: Grindcore

Label : Wolves and Vibrancy Records/Roman Numeral Records 

Location : Finland/Pennsylvania

FFO : Napalm Death, The Tony Danza Tap-dance Extravaganza, Between The Buried and Me

The production on this record is very much like their previous two reviews we’ve written. Its gritty, raw, and very primal. Is that bad? No, it works very well for this band. What I think they do best, is combine the sheer ferocity of grind core, but throw in a couple grooves here and there. The mix, despite the gritty/raw sound, works. You can still hear every instrument. I do wish the vocals were mixed half a notch higher. But regardless, I think this band is already finding their own sound. There isn’t much grind core anymore, and I feel they are trying to help bring it back.

One thing I love about this band, is their ability to draw you in. if you close your eyes and listen, I feel like they have a soundtrack to a very slow but extremely painful death. Almost like a demon is torturing you themself. They have an extremely good ability to tap in to your innermost fears. They feed off of them. they then turn that into the music you hear.

The tracks are ferociously fast. Besides the speed, what they do well is blend all the tracks. So the album seems like one giant track. That’s something im a fan of. When an album moves seamlessly between tracks. Im not sure there is much of a theme. I mean, I bet there is, but I personally can’t figure it out. I just feel like it has to do with harm. Wether its giving or receiving, to self or from someone. 

There is definite replay value here. Its chaotic, high energy and insane. Which is something I feel like people need to help them through the day. My favorite part, is definitely how seamless most of the tracks are. To me, it makes for a better and easier listening experience. The only thing I feel that is different on this release, compared to their last release (Languor), is the production. I feel this release is a bit more gritty. Languor had the same energy, I just feel they could have kept the same production and mix and this record would be near perfect for them. 

Overall, I still enjoyed this record. Its also their first full length. So its nice to see them expand a tiny bit. If you’re a fan of grind core, and just utter chaos, then you should seriously consider jamming this record. 

Star Rating: 9.5

Strongest Song: No Good Men



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