Fawn Limbs - Languor

Band : Fawn Limbs

Album/EP : Languor

Genre: Grindcore

Label : NA

Location : Finland/Pennsylvania

FFO : Napalm Death, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravanganza, The Red Chord

The production is raw and super gritty. It adds to the overwhelming feeling of chaos. Their shining element is still how well it flows. It’s super fast, and insanely chaotic. But they have found a way to make it all flow almost seamlessly.

As I previously stated, the tracks flow well. They take pretty much the same outline as their last EP release. One long song divided up into a couple bits. It’s designed to be listened to without interruption. The lyrics in the song seem angry and evil. Which is what fits their tone very well.

I’ve said it before on a few reviews, but I’m not too into grindcore, but these guys have me hooked. Once these songs drop. Ill definitely throw them into what I listen to daily. My favorite part is still the chaos. The only thing I wish to see them do on the next release, is keep that chaos going with longer tracks. I think it would be interesting and a mature step for them.

Overall, I will always back these dudes. Quality musicians putting out some hard hitting music. Like I said before, if you like fast and overwhelming chaos, Fawn Limbs is for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: The whole damn thing

Contact: fawnlimbsnoise@gmail.com





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