Fawn Limbs - Towing Heads

Band : Fawn Limbs

Album/EP : Towing Heads

Genre: Grindcore

Label : N/A

Location: Finland/Pennsylvania

FFO : Napalm Death, Between The Buried And Me, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

Overwhelming chaos is probably the best way to describe this quick EP from Fawn Limbs. Its one long 10 minute track, but each time code indicates the next “song”. That’s very unique, as it give the listener the best possible way to understand the flow.

The mix is fantastic. It’s recorded super clean, but still has the slight feedback a noisy grind core record might have. I think the shining element is how well it all does flow. You can tell when each “song” starts, but its almost seamless.

If you are familiar with grindcore in general, you know its super fast and very chaotic. That’s how the song structures go on ‘Towing Heads’. Even with reading the lyrics, I cant tell what the theme is, if there even is one. I can only assume its chaos. But I’m totally okay with that.

Now this record is a little different for me. I don’t listen to much grindcore, or anything that’s as chaotic as this. So it was a nice change of pace. There is nothing to impart it to, as it is this bands first release. But what I can tell you is I look forward to hearing more from them. It’s super heavy, super fast, and sounds pretty angry. All three of which are a recipe for a good record, at least to me.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: the whole damn thing

You will be able to get their music here:

iTunes: https://apple.co/2o9LxEm

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2LjW74J

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