Final Coil - The World We Left Behind for Others

Band- Final Coil

Album- The World We Left Behind for Others

Genre- Progressive/Post Rock

Label- WormHoleDeath

Location- Leicester, UK

FFO- Alice In Chains, Soen, Tool

Sound quality is stellar on this album. I didn’t feel anything was left out and each instrument was able to shine on the entire record. Both drums and guitars are very simplistic and don’t over do it throughout. When I say simplistic I don’t mean boring or unimaginative. It fits, it isn’t forced. Keeps the music flowing without stopping to change direction. It keeps your head bobbing is what I am trying to say. Very much like tuned down Tool. Drums are heavy and fun to listen to. Guitars keep the rhythm. Well timed solos might add. Adding very catchy riffs when you least expect it.

Vocals are performed by Phil Stiles, the next big voice in Progressive music if you ask me. His voice fits the music like a glove. His clean style of singing rings in the ears and adds this sort of melodic haunting sound to the record. Maynard for sure has inspired the vocal work on this record.

Like a good progressive record, this has it’s beautifully constructed music and makes each song sound like a whole different band at times.  This isn’t your typical rock album. In between the songs with vocals you have a wonderfully put together instrumental that works it’s way right up to the next song. Kind of like a really long intro. Some of them are very slow tempo that set a very ominous sound.

While others bring the heavy. A personal favorite of mine was ‘Take Me For A Walk” leading right into “Empty Handed”. Consistent pace and made sense. With by far my favorite riff on the album. A lot of music listeners tend to skip instrumentals in between vocal heavy songs but this is the one time I highly suggest you listen to the album through. Not on random. Play in order or you won’t get the full experience of this album. “Convicted of the Right” brings that tempo way down give the album a very chill vibe. Then you have songs like “And I’ll Leave”  and “Keeping Going” that show the world that Final Coil can get heavy and bring the tempo up. Vocals that flow in and out.

The one thing that isn’t working in Final Coils favor is that Progressive music isn’t as big as it once was. Most people are sticking to the basic rock or metal sound and don’t wanna think. Your typical verse-chorus rinse and repeat nonsense. Something that Final Coil is not. I feel like if this band came out back in the late 90’s, we would be talking about them headlining festivals with Tool and Alice In Chains. They have a great sound, a very haunting and melodic sound that progressive music is known for. But I don’t think a lot of people will sit down and listen to them. Attention span isn’t what it used to be. I for one am looking forward to listening to their older stuff. I suggest you give them a chance. It’s the music you need after a long day of work and just want unwind with.

“The World We Left Behind for Others” drops April 12th on WormHomeDeath digitally then in CD format.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song- “Take Me for A Walk” into “Empty Handed”

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