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Fit For A King - The Path

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Band: Fit For A King

Album: The Path

Genre: Metalcore

Label: Solid State Records

Location: Texas

FFO: For Today, Silent Planet, Phinehas

I’ve been a fan of Fit For A King since their inception. They were one of the first metalcore bands I got into, and I loved every second of it, still do. As their career has moved forward, it’s been great seeing their growth. Although I’ve enjoyed each album ever so slightly less than the last, I still think they are good. ‘The Path’ is a project I’ve been...anticipating. Excited would be a little bit of an exaggeration because the singles have just confused me on what the band is doing, but we’ll get into that. The production here is top notch. The heavy parts are heavy, the choruses are soaring, and everything sounds tight, but not too tight.

After hearing the singles, I didn’t know what to think. We got a couple radio rock style hits, along with ‘God of Fire’ which seemed heavy just for the sake of “proving” they can still be heavy. Either way, none of these singles I felt represented them. Along with the fact they all had at least one thing in common; repetition repetition repetition. I felt like each song was the same 45 seconds 3-4 times in a row. I understand there’s a formula bands use, but they wrote those songs in a way where there was hardly any musical switch ups and made that formula stand out way too much. While someone such as ‘Like Moths To Flames’ is killing it with the singles right now because they have been twisting that formula to their will. With all that in mind, I went into this album simply hoping for the best. We start off with “The Face of Hate”. A sweet drum intro always gets me excited. A scream to follow it as the first vocal you hear, naturally reminded me of Killswitch Engage. This song alone, made me finally realize what they were actually trying to do this whole time, which is introducing some new influences. However, even after seeing this, I still don’t believe those singles pulled it off quite like the intro or other songs on here do. If there is any good credit I can give to those singles though, is they sound much better in the album setting rather than on their own. Does that make me like them more? Eh, not really. But I actually don’t mind listening to it when it comes up in the album. Continuing through this album, I found the instrumental work rather lackluster. Fit has never really had crazy or technical playing, a lot of chugs and open notes but with rhythm. Here, with the different style influences, that lack of technicality shows more. Making for songs that are typical and cookie cutter a lot of the time. A lot of power/bar chords that aren’t written in any unique combination. Unfortunately not even the drums come through with anything worth pulling my attention in often. Only a select couple songs keep things different while still sounding like FFAK. The main attraction to me was the pretty good atmosphere and bigger highlight moments such as solos or certain breakdowns. A huge drawback for me when it comes to FFAK that I’ve noticed in recent years, more-so here than ever, is their lack of quality lyrics. I think they reflect the instrumentals in that they are far too typical for a majority of the LP. Makes me feel like I’ve heard it a million times therefore hitting my ears with flat emotion.

I didn’t hate the time I gave to this, but was underwhelmed. Their earlier records have so many great and memorable moments on them. Great breakdowns, lyrics, and grooves. Whereas the Path has hardly any stand outs for me. This makes for very low replay value. I don’t think I’ll be relistening to this any time soon, but it does have a place and a time in the future.

I’m very happy for these guys because I can tell they are loving what they are doing, they always have. The passion in the music and at shows is obvious. I just can’t fully come along for the ride when it comes to this album. The messages written in typical fashion on top of mostly bland music falls short for me. I can’t say I completely dislike it, but I do wish they did better, especially compared to previous work. A very average album.

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Prophet, Vendetta

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0OgdRTPItr9dw4XYp4JJUx?si=CGNDKuHoRliNcHS17eUReQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/fit-for-a-king/279581764

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