Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts

Band : Fit For An Autopsy

Album/EP : The Sea of Tragic Beasts

Genre: Melodic Deathcore

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : New Jersey

FFO : And Hell Followed With, Whitechapel, Lorna Shore

Holy shit... Where do I even begin with this record? Will Putney is a god damn genius. The production on this record is the best I’ve heard all year. Each note is placed at the correct moment in the song for a reason. Between Will, Pat, and Tim, the guitars are probably the heaviest but also most beautiful I’ve heard in the genre. Something that sticks out the most is that while there are some usual deathcore elements, the band truly showed maturity with this record. FFAA proves yet again that a band can take steps in a different direction, but they can still be heavy and stay true to their roots. The mix is fucking fantastic. You have all three guitars blending well with Peter’s bass tones. Place those over Josean’s thundering drums, and you have one of the most intense instrumental sections in the genre. Then there is Joe’s vocals — what a powerhouse. The use of his dynamic vocal range is really what sets this record apart from their last.

Let’s take a small dive into song structure. There is definitely a kind of normal structure to each track, but it's all done in such a way that it doesn’t feel normal. I did notice the verse/chorus arrangements, but what I think listeners will notice is how each track flows/blends together. The tempo is an aggressive mid-range tempo. I’m not able to nail down a certain theme, or collection of themes. However, I do know one thing: you can feel the emotions through their music. You feel anger, sadness/depression, and a sense of calm, all within 45 minutes. 

This album has some of my favorite lyrics from this band. “Are you terrified? To stare into the eyes, of a man who feeds on violence, of a man who fears no tyrant” (No Man Is Without Fear). Personally, I feel this record is more uplifting than it sounds. What it says to me, is take a stand. You’re going to get hurt, but don’t take any shit. I’m probably wrong, but I love it.

My favorite part of The Sea of Tragic Beasts, is how versatile each member is. They took their traditional deathcore sound, which is what got them started. Then they flipped it. They still have deathcore in them, that’s undeniable. But these guys show that they are more than that. They show that you can make a heavy record, but still have it mean something.

Compared to their last record (The Great Collapse), not entirely too much has changed. They took a small side step in a more melodic way with the last one. The Sea of Tragic Beasts does follow that side step, but it expands in a way I don’t think even the members knew they were capable of. TSOTB is a perfect example of how to just write what you feel. I did notice the tones on this new record are a little clearer. I can hear a SLIGHT change in the mix, but nothing major. Just enough to capture each emotion this record conveys. 

One thing that I think is worth noting again is how well this album blends together. Most albums now days are just a collection of songs. That’s it. Just songs. They don’t tell a story, they don’t evoke emotion. The Sea of Tragic Beasts is the opposite of that. There is definitely a deeper meaning in this record. But as with most music, it’s always open to interpretation. What it may mean to me might be different than what they wrote, or it could be different than what you may feel when you’re listening to it. 

Fit For An Autopsy has always been about pushing boundaries. Whether it’s their own personal boundaries, or the boundaries of the metal genre, these guys are on top of their game. Overall, I’m in love with this record. I remember Pat telling me during their tour with Unearth last year that they were playing a new song (Shepherd). It crushed live, but I didn’t know is was going to be that heavy on the record. TSOTB has shown what metal can achieve. This record is by far their best written and most musically ambitious. There are really no words to describe how perfect this is. I have been a fan since the release of Hellbound, and I am more excited to see what new doors their Nuclear Blast debut opens.

Will, Tim, Pat, Peter, Joe, Josean, if you guys read this, i’m proud of you. You have created, in my eyes at least, a picture perfect record.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: The Sea of Tragic Beasts, Mirrors