For The Many Few - Drown in the Past

Band : For The Many Few

Album/EP : Drown in the past

Genre: Metal

Label : Independent

Location : Branchville, New Jersey

FFO : Texas in July, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive

Remember when metalcore was huge? When you would see KsE/As I Lay Dying shirts everywhere. The gentlemen in For The Many Few are here to show you that metalcore has not died. For being done out of a friends house as a hobby, it sounds pretty good. I do feel that it doesn’t sound as clear as it could be. In my opinion, the shining element is how they can take a simple riff and drum beat, but still make it unique. They add a little distortion and roll with it.

I feel the song structures are pretty basic. There isn’t anything too flashy about them. It’s very basic metal. But sometimes that’s nice, specially in a community that’s getting over run by flashy solos and super deep guttural vocals. Would I replay this? I probably would, especially if it came on shuffle. It is a little basic compared to what I’m used to. But like I said, a nice change of pace in music is always nice.

Overall, I didn’t mind this release. The guys are super nice, and they do have some potential. I hope to see them around Chicago some time soon. I bet they know how to have a a party. Hail nimrod!

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Falling Into Deceit



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