Former Worlds - Iterations of Time

Band: Former Worlds

Album: Iterations of Time

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal

Label: Init Records

Location: Minneapolis, MN

FFO: Bell Witch, Cloud Rat, Conan

With Former Worlds debut EP being one 20 minute song, it’s expected that their debut LP would also have longer songs. Four to be exact. Each longer than the last. The production on these four tracks fits the style well; muddy. The vocals drown in the distorted crunch of the guitar. Not to be mistaken as unheard. More like a void is surrounding Erin’s voice. With that being said, everything was mixed rather well. 

As a fan of Gojira, Tool and other progressive bands, I’m very much used to a longer song. I welcome it with open arms for as long as the pacing is kept well. Within this genre of metal, having slow and low continuous riffs being the core of it, can sometimes struggle with pacing in longer songs. If you’re listening to this album while doing something else, it won’t matter too much to you. If you’re going to sit down and pay direct attention to the music, you might find yourself in a battle of checking how much longer is left on a song. That’s not to say these songs aren’t enjoyable. But I think if they were broken apart to shorter songs, it could flow better at a more reasonable pace. An example of a beautiful moment that I believe helps in these longer songs, is the almost halfway point in “Widow Moon”. Where things take some time to go quiet, and all that is heard silent picking and soft, low drums. 

My favorite song on this album is “Variations On A Cave”. Going back to pacing, I think it’s the most well paced song. It has a few change ups to it that keep the song interesting for the whole 8 minutes. Vocal focussed moments turn into groovy drum filled verses, back into those guitar riffs that sound like they can vibrate the air around you. Depending on how you like to listen to your music, I think will depend on how often you’ll be listening to this record. A few sit throughs directly focussing on the music was good enough for me. Other than that, I’d be fine with turning this album on to have in the background. 

Iterations of Time is a slow burn to ears that are used to fast riffs and blast beats. Yet I still implore you to give this young band a shot. It’s a fun listen with interesting elements. Former Worlds has a lot of potential, and I don’t see them throwing that away any time soon. 

Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Variations On A Cave


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