Frogg - A Reptilian Dystopia

Band : Frogg

Album/EP : A Reptilian Dystopia

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : Self Release

Location : Stamford, CT

FFO : Obscura, Born of Osiris, Arsis

As of lately, Technical Death Metal has seen an uprise in production. This record is no different. Its very well written. It has a lot of catchy riffs that keep you wondering what is next. Now is it literally a 15 minute EP of just shredding? No, not at all. Each track does have a lot of sweet riffle. But each track is a beautiful masterpiece on its own. What stands out the most, its the bands ability to write groovy riffs that still meld with the Tech Death genre. 

To me, tech death shouldn’t be about just straight shredding. But should be all about that and making sure it blends. I don’t want one track to shred at one tempo and the next to be super slow, or even faster. I don’t mind tempo changes, but it needs to be in a way that its easy on the ears. The mix also helps with something like that. In this case, the mix is fucking phenomenal. You can hear all the instruments and their respective notes. The vocals blend right in. What surprised me, is the subtle keyboards in the background. They fit so well that you almost can’t tell they are there. But can guarantee that if they were not there, the record would sound totally different.

A fast flow is something Tech Death is known for. A Reptilian Dystopia definitely follows suit. Its not as fast as the latest Inanimate, Existence. But you can tell its more along the lines of Obscura. The tracks also are just slow enough where the listener can follow along.

This album will definitely be revisited. What catches my ear, its the slower but still technical riffs. But when they do slow it down, they make sure its heavy. As I read the lyrics to this record, I feel the record touches on topics such as death/rebirth. Also something to do with struggle. I’m probably wrong. I usually am. But hey, artists also tend to leave it open to interpretation.

My favorite part is definitely the ability to sound different in a genre that is starting to get a little stale. Its a heavy blend of Tech while adding some extra melody. Most tech death bands literally go for face melting riffs. Which is also cool. But after a while that gets kind of boring. So for a band like Frogg to put out an EP like this, they could help lead the next generation of tech death kids. 

They say never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a band by its name. I won’t lie, I saw the promo and was like “eh”. But I decided to look into it more and I’m sure glad I did. Frogg is a blend of Tech Death and Melodic Death Metal. They take groovy but technical riffs, and layer it with some catchy drum beats and powerful gutturals. If this band keeps up like this. I can almost guarantee they will almost be on another level as the years go on. I can’t wait to see what their future holds. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: DNA

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