Great Falls - A Sense of Rest

Band: Great Falls

Album: A Sense of Rest

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Noise Rock

Label: Corpse Flower Records

Location: Seattle, WA

FFO: The Dillinger Escape Plan, 36 Crazyfists, Gallows, Code Orange

"A Sense of Rest" is the Seattle trios newest album and is produced by Scott Evans. This is an interesting album. 8 songs that assault the ears with consistent heaviness and noise. Using a very proggy approach in the sense that they don't use a traditional song format. At times it feels like they could fit multiple different songs in one. Especially with a song like "We Speak in Lowercase" that is lengthy 14 minutes but hits on every note and feels like 3 songs rolled into one. This album keeps ya guessing. There is no typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus here. 

Production on the album as a whole is quite good. But at times the drums can drown out the rest of the instruments. Which in this case is a good thing because the drumming is incredible. Phil Petrocelli was possessed by some kind of demon on this one because he absolutely beats the living crap out of his drums on this record. It is easy to hear that he uses every single piece of his kit and uses them well. When he does blast it sounds great. Which is something I didn't expect from post hardcore, in my opinion. The guitars and bass add to the "noise" throughout. Steady and on time. These guys know their instruments and their sound well so everything fits fine. The vocals were the only part I had problems getting my head around. Was more of a scream shout and was kind of quiet. A lower range scream could of fit this music a bit better but to each to their own. Like I said earlier I am not to familiar with this style of music so maybe his vocals are normal but they didn't do to much for me. To be honest, it sounded painful when he would scream. Something you never want to hear in metal. 

A couple of the songs sound similar but not to the point where it is a bad thing. But most of the songs have something unique to them as well. You want all out heavy? Listen to "Kettle Logic". You want one hell of a breakdown? Try "I Go to Glory". There is something from everyone. But from start to finish, each song compliments each other. Which is probably my favorite part of the whole album. 

This is an exhausting listen for someone not familiar with this genre of music (aka me). But for someone who enjoys this genre, you will really enjoy this one. This is a good "beat the crap out of the punching bag" album to listen to at the gym. The music is strong and keeps the pace up. The vocals were the only real concern I had. I can see myself blasting "Kettle Logic" in the near future. What really interests me is seeing these guys live. I feel like they would be quite entertaining and the crowd could really get into it. But I highly suggest you give this one a listen and keep an open mind. This is good music, folks. 

Stars: 7/10

Strongest Song: Kettle Logic

By Joe Sigfred

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