Gypsy Chief Goliath - Masters of Space and Time

Band- Gypsy Chief Goliath

Album- Masters of Space and Time

Genre- Stoner Metal

Label- Kozmik Artifactz

Location- Ontario, Canada

FFO- Mastodon, Black Label Society, Clutch

Recorded in Windsor, Ontario, GCG bring forth their 4th album, sticking close to their stoner roots and driving that groovy sound all the way to the bank. Sound quality is top notch, Every strum and drum strike rings through clearly. Leaving nothing to be missed. Drummer, Adam Saitti, pounds along to this groovy sound and does not miss a beat. Nothing mind blowing or technical here. Very simple beats with the occasional drum fill. But that is what I loved about it. Simpleness without being to simple, if that makes any sense. The bass pumps along the rest of the band, making that stoner sound ring out even louder. The use of 3 guitars has always been something I never saw the point it. Hell even my old guitar teacher agreed and he had 3 in his band. But this technique proves that I was quite wrong. Each guitar brings something else to the table the others couldn’t. One brings these catchy riffs that keep the train rolling. One plays along to keep the rhythm banging. While the last plays these soaring licks that make your eyes open up wide and puts your horns in the air.

These 70’s inspired licks that would make Tony Iommi proud ring true throughout the entire album. Never sounding similar or stale. Even the keyboards are able to keep this groovy stoner sound going, without sounding out of place. With a very clear, upbeat organ sound that doesn’t overtake the rest of the bands genius. Now the vocals, well are stupidly good. Vocalist Al Yeti Bones, brings this sort of clean rasp that sounds like something straight out of a 70’s road trip. Whether he is using a soaring clean sound or a scraggly rasp, it all sounds great. Think Zakk Wylde meets Neil Fallon.

Gypsy Chief Goliath takes a whole bunch of sounds were familiar with and pounds it into this very clean sounding noise. From 70’s rock n roll to the 90’s grungy, this band has it all. This 42 minute, 9 song epic comes with some outstanding tunes. “City of Ghosts” starts it all off and the listener quickly knows what they are in for. ‘Highway Man” and “Low Cost of Living High” pound along without losing that stoner sound. “Crash N’ Burn” uses a very low down Black Sabbathesq sound, that keeps the metal true. The high point will have to be “Into the Sun”, boasting some of the best vocals on the entire album. With soaring vocals in the chorus and the raspy sound throughout the versus’s. Each song has something to offer.

I love this band. I wasn’t even aware of their existence up until about a week ago. Their stoner sound is a breath of fresh air from all these chuggy chuggy breakdowns that litter the metal scene nowadays. “Masters of Space and Time” will probably go under the radar for a lot of metal fans but I am damn glad it didn’t for me. I am going to be checking out their musical catalog as soon as I am done writing this review. If you miss the 70’s or are bummed you missed out on it then I say give Gypsy Chief Goliath a chance and be prepare to experience one hell of a sound. This album drops February 22nd on Kozmik Artifactz.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Strongest song: “Into the Sun”

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