Harms Way - Posthuman

Band : Harm’s Way Album/EP : Posthuman Genre: Metal/Hardcore Label : Metal Blade Records Location : Chicago, Illinois FFO : Xibalba, No Zodiac, NAILS

The production on this record is flawless. I literally can not find anything to complain about. In my opinion, James’s vocals sound more monstrous and angry. I think what stands out about this record, is that they stayed true to the Harms way sound. I feel this batch of tracks are more structured, but have that feel that old and new fans alike will enjoy. As with most hardcore records, the songs tend to move very fast. While they stay true to the hardcore sound, they make sure to take their time in crafting the songs to get any points across. Harm’s Way have delivered a record that’s touches on topics such as overpopulation, the insignificance of the human race, and technological obsession. This record has been on stand repeat for me since its release. If you are a fan of this band, it is easily their best work to date.

Lyrically, its their best work to date. Songs like ‘Human Carrying Capacity’ touch on subjects with what we humans do to this planet. “Gas the earth. Suffocate. By our hand. At this rate.” With strong lyrics like “ Repeat the cycle. Become a machine” and “Hidden agendas, swallow your soul. Bionic warfare, is on the rise. Genetic mutation, infiltrate mankind”, they make you think about the future of society.

My personal favorite parts of the record, are the breakdowns. They are super heavy, and will easily make you want to smash anything with in arms reach. It’s great record to throw on at the gym or anywhere else you need to focus. Just be careful listening to it while driving. We dont want any road rage accidents.

Compared to their previous release ‘Rust’ (Deathwish Inc.), this album is a complete step up. Rust had a more industrial sound, which was also good, but kind of took away from their signature sound. With ‘Posthuman’ they return to their heavy sound. I think along with ‘Rust’, what improved was their structuring. All in all, I think this is a fantastic record. I’m not a huge fan of hardcore, but Harm’s Way it a definite must listen, for all fans of the metal genre. The traditional hardcore breakdowns, mixed with the fast paced double bass, has something for everyone. Star Rating: 10/10 Strongest Song: Become a Machine, Human Carrying Capacity

Be sure to pick up 'Posthuman' here: iTunes: https://apple.co/2kUduyo Spotify: https://goo.gl/7mgNSy

Google Play: https://bit.ly/2sHJABN

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