Hate - Auric Gates of Veles

Band- Hate

Album- Auric Gates of Veles

Genre- Blackened Death

Label- Metal Blade Records

Location- Warsaw, Poland

FFO- Behemoth, Goatwhore, Belphegor

Recorded in the bands native country of Poland, Auric Gates of Veles is another example of why Hate are still one of the genres most succesful bands. They pulled out all the stops on this one. Firstly with production, which is top notch. The evil tones are apparent with every note played. Drumming is handled by long time drummer, Pavulon. Like a fully automatic machine gun, his drumming is a non-stop assault of noise. Blasts that made my hands shiver. Double bass that made my arm hair stand up. Really nailing the blackened death tone. Brutal and angry. But not getting out of hand and missing the point. Guitars are what really set the stage in my opinion. Very fast and evil. That incredibly fast up and down strumming that makes the listener close their eyes and bob their head.

The same guitar sound you expect from an early 90’s black metal music video. But heavier and a bit more modern. Now, if you are still not satisfied with the incredible musicianship at this point then open your ears and listen to the some of the purest death vocals of our generation. Founding member and vocalist Adam '“ATF Sinner” Buszko has found the fountain of pure hate and evil. His vocals shake rafters and scare bible thumpers. And his performance on this album is no different. No cleans here and that is a good thing. Gives Nergal a run for his money, that’s for sure.

Now when you think of Poland and Blackened death metal what is a first name you think of? Behemoth, correct? Well I would be lying if I didn’t say Hate didn’t sound an awful lot like the Polish giants. Is that a bad thing? Hell no. Similar sounds yet still so different. A great mixture of the brutality of death metal and the sinister evil of black metal. My one point deduction on the album is the similarity of tracks. I would of appreciated a heavy sounding acoustic mixed into the album. Each song is just as heavy as the previous. But it’s “Sovereign Sanctity” that stands out as the albums biggest track. It represents everything that is band is about. Mean and nasty black metal. With an opening riff that made my wrist cramp and some of the best drumming on the whole record.

Hate is definitely a band that newbies to metal scene should check out. At times they can be pretty intense and evil (yes I used that word alot but it perfectly describes this bands sound) but it’s what makes them Hate. Fans of the genre will appreciate this one and fans of the band will adore this album.

Auric Gates of Veles is a solid blackened death album. Hate have been delivering this sound for almost 30 years and boy do I hope they continue that trend. They still prove they have what it takes to make great death metal album. In a world full of tuned down guitar and breakdowns, we need more Hate. Pun Intended.

Auric Gates of Veles drops its evil insanity to the world on June 14th on Metal Blade Records.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song- Sovereign Sanctity




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