Hazzerd - Delirium

Band: Hazzerd

Album: Delirium 

Genre: Thrash

Label: M-Theory Audio

Location: Calgary, Canada

FFO: Megadeath, Overkill, Testament

Hazzerd’s new album, Delirium, was a ‘wishwashy’ experience. In only the first song, three things jumped out to me almost immediately. Starting with the good news, I dig the riffs. They are what you expect, but hit hard and get you into the groove pretty easily. Sadly, the other two things that caught my ear aren’t the best. For one, the mix on the drums sounds off. The snare is borderline hard to even listen to. There’s also parts when the hi-hat is almost ear piercing. The guitar is certainly carrying the songs, along with the bassist. He’s hard to hear at times but when paying close attention, he’s doing good work back there. The overall quality could be better but I have without a doubt heard worse. And I can’t complain when it is at least better than previous efforts. 

Getting into structure and theme, is where I want to mention the third thing that took me out of the music experience - the lyrics. From the jump, the lyrics are just cringy. I wish there was another way to say it. If I was listening to a thrash song from the 80s, I’d be far more tolerant of it. But this is a 2020 album. I understand topics such as religion, the world, ex will never go out of style, but at least be creative in the way you say it. I feel like I’ve heard these exact lines a hundred times over. Even if it doesn’t sound like a copy and paste, anything that seems like it could be original still gets thrown into the cringe category. A direct example of that is in the song ‘The Decline’ where he talks about technology taking over humans. This writing unfortunately finds itself in most of the songs. Because of these lyrics disrupting certain moments for me, I want to say my favorite song is the instrumental piece “Call of the Void”. But hey, at least the guy’s voice is cool. 

Delirium is a great example of something that works perfectly as background music. You aren’t noticing the production flaws, and especially not paying attention to the lyrics. Just something to rock out to in spare time while you do whatever it is you do. The lyrics will hold me back from giving this album my direct attention again, but just as much as I dislike the writing, I equally very much enjoy the riffs. They keep things moving and interesting. ‘The End’ is another favorite off this LP because it is another instrumental. The acoustic blends well with the electric guitar. Forming a good send off as the last song.

I wish there was more to talk about with this, but there isn’t. It’s a thrash record, and a typical one at that. But that won’t stop you from enjoying it for what it is. Giving Delirium a rating is honestly difficult as I find myself struggling with how I weigh the positives and negatives of this record. The guitar work and drums are what make it a fun and enjoyable listen. But you have the drums, although being played well, not sounding as they should. Along with a pet peeve of mine in music, bad lyrical writing. If it wasn’t for the riffs and cool solos, I would not have been able to listen to this album. I hope to see Hazzerd release music in the future with better production and hand someone else the pen when it comes to writing lyrics.

Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Call of the Void

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6PuPCQhEwoi7GiZwj6LFR2?si=rZ-W3QGLS_eKrKznV4ekbA

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/delirium/1481666345

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