Hold The Crown - Hold The Crown

Band : Hold The Crown

Album/EP : Hold The Crown

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Label : 10-54 Records

Location : Belgium

FFO : Biohazard, Hatebreed, Terror

The production on this originally self released album is pretty good. It has a certain grittiness that only a hardcore record has. I believe the shining element here is how they have tones from different genres, but they manage to blend it all well. They take the simple but fast riffs from hardcore, and blend it with a metal tone. They remind me of an early Hatebreed. The mix is pretty good as well. Everything seems to be just right.

The song structures are pretty simple. Easy but a fast riffs, followed by slow two step mosh parts. It’s a typical formula for hardcore. They all flowed very well though, despite the simplicity. They manage to hook the listener with catchy riffs. I cant tell what a theme could be. I feel like its typical hardcore stuff though. Things like struggles in life mixed with standing your ground and being tough. I’m probably wrong. If you know, please let us know.

For me personally, I’m not sure if I’d have this replayed much. I’m not saying its bad by any means. I do see how some people would like it, its just not really my style of music. It’s a little too basic for me. But I do see how common hardcore fans might dig this. Since this is their first effort, there isn’t anything to compare it too. There is so much room for them to grow. I cant wait to see what they do.

Overall, it really isn’t a bad record. I may listen to a lot of death metal and such, but I do appreciate other genres. Hardcore is full of low tuned simple chords, and for some people that’s all they need. If you are a fan of heavy, fast, and passionate music, Hold The Crown is definitely the band for you.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Wasted Dreams

Pick up your copy here:

Hold The Crown: https://bit.ly/2NPS0Ug

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