Hollow Prophet/SCUMFUCK - Scumprophet

Band : Hollow Prophet/SCUMFUCK

Album/EP : Scumprophet

Genre: Deathcore/Slam

Label : N/A

Location : Connecticut, England, Florida

FFO : Acrania, Mental Cruelty, I, Detest

Holy shit. So going into this EP, I know Hollow Prophet and how insanely heavy they are. But once you add SCUMFUCK to it, that just completely kicks it up a whole new level of evil.

The production quality of this record in fantastic. It’s all super crisp, and everything is mixed super well. Definitely what stands out the most is the insane range Dickie Allen and Ben Duerr have. They span from some super shrieking high vocals. Then drop it down to vocals so low, the devil himself shits his pants.

The song structures are pretty simple. They have super heavy riffs, blast beats, and some of the heaviest slamming breakdowns I’ve ever heard. They all flow very well. No song has the same tempo. During each song, it stays about the same tempo through out, which I through enjoy. I don’t mind gradual tempo changes, but if its to drastic and frequent, it tends to turn me off.

The lyrical content is pretty common, but it fits these bands very well. From what I understand from lyric videos, the EP is about the shitty human race. Admit it, the human race as a whole sucks. Both these vocalists are here to tell you that. The replay value is definitely there, especially if you are a fan of any member of the band. Once I finally got my hands on it, its been played ATLEAST once a day. I can never get sick of either vocalists’ gutterals. My favorite part is the breakdown near the end of ‘ScumPropher’. Hearing Ben scream “The mutation is complete” and adding a super sick Bree to the end is neck breaking. For the Hollow Prophet side, it is definitely a step forward in musicianship. For the SCUMFUCK aspect, I’m definitely going to have to go back and check them out.

Overall, this will definitely make my top 10 records of the year. I don’t think there is a record coming out this can even touch this. For any one who is a fan of heavy slamming music, this record is definitely for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: ScumProphet

iTunes: https://apple.co/2PilcQw

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2MjXhCy

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