I Am Destruction - Nascency

Band: I Am Destruction

Album: Nascency

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader

Location: Dallas, Texas

FFO: Devourment, Hate Eternal, Aborted 

As a newer band in the scene, I Am Destruction has adequate quality to their sound. The mix isn’t anything to write home about, but it gets the job done. There’s that dirty production aspect that you almost want out of a death metal record that adds to the sound. It’s enough to give it more character without sacrificing too much clarity. 

Vince: First song opens up to the sounds of this guy opening up what sounds like a cage to this woman screaming. He then starts to cut something out of her and this transitions into the music. I’ve heard openings like this before and I’ve personally never liked them. I understand it’s meant to be disturbing and trigger some sort of emotion but I’m not trying to be in discomfort when I listen to music. Including something like this in a song just makes it unlistenable and comes off way too ‘edgy’ and try hard to be brutal. Moving on to the rest of the album, the beginning luckily doesn’t reflect the rest of ‘Nascency’. Although I don’t think it’s anything too special, it is better than my impressions right off the bat. With I Am Destruction, you pretty much have a traditional Brutal Death Metal sound without much ‘pizzazz’ if you will. It’s very straight forward in what the band wants. It’s that kind of sound that makes riffs start to blend in together more with each song that passes. By the end of the album, you swear the last few were all the same. There’s not enough diversity in the instrumentals nor the vocals to keep things interesting passed anything you’ve heard before. By no means are these artists bad at playing what they are playing, including the vocalist, but everything is just so average that I can’t give it my praise. I always respect a band for doing their thing and playing the music they love, and I have no right to tell them not to, but if they expect to get anywhere with this, they have to up the creativity to stand out.

Damien: I partially agree on the horror style intros. Im not a huge fan of them. They do get repetitive after a while. But I do feel that if they had a different intro, the album just wouldn’t be the same. I don’t mind an album that tries to depict a vision of discomfort. Albums that invoke emotions are what I strive for, no matter what the concept is. Vince is right in the fact that the album is very straight forward in what they are going for. There is no denying that.

Vince: Although the straight to the point sound stems from the EP as well, they do a slightly better job on the debut. However it does seem to, for the most part, be the same exact sound. The EP could very much have been a part of the debut and fit right in perfectly. Is that a good or bad thing? Bad for the sake of diversity, but good if you’ve been craving more of the EP. Lyrically from what I have been able to read and understand, the theme’s stay more interesting than the vocals themselves. Nothing too crazy but at least not too cookie cutter with a couple exceptions. I can’t really say I have a favorite aspect about this album, just as I can’t say I have anything I hated. It’s a one time listen for me but if you are into a straightforward brutal death metal sound, this will be perfect.

Damien: There is a very similar sound between the EP and this record. but seeing as its IAD label debut, I wouldn’t expect a sound to change very much. That original sound got them signed for a reason. Seeing as im a fan of IAD to begin with, I can hear the little changes in the writing. Violence Devours has a bit more speed and technicality to it. Nascency is a bit sludgier. Its almost a cross between Doom and Traditional Death Metal. To Me, a cross like that, fits I Am Destruction perfectly.

Vince: Nascency is a decent, middle of the road album with a strong sound. I Am Destruction comes off powerful on the surface but lacks the experimental core needed to keep things entertaining for a full length LP. 

Damien: Nascency is a very strong label debut. There is no denying that. With that being said, Vince does have a point. I would love to see a bit more experimenting somehow. The technicality of the EP, and the down tempo sound could easily be intertwined. I have faith that Stephen and the rest of IAD can make that happen, if they so choose.


Rating: 5/10

Strongest Song: Consequent Forfeiture


Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Burgeoning Adversary

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5O2P0IpfueSgTfF5Ekekjn?si=valDk7XnRgaZnV_HRo5r8Q