I Killed Everyone - Lamenting Hymns

Band : I Killed Everyone

Album/EP : Lamenting Hymns

Genre: Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Illinois/Pennsylvania 

FFO : Whitechapel, Signs of The Swarm, Abimael 

    I know these guys pretty well. I live near the majority of them. I also know they wanted to put out the best sounding product they possibly could. They did not disappoint. The production, for being self recorded, its outstanding. Its just clear enough to hear all the notes of the guitars. You can hear Tom’s drum fills very well. But its also just gritty enough to sound the way deathcore should. Their shining element is exactly what you are hearing. I knew they set out to make a dark and angry album. The final product shows that they know exactly what they are doing. The mix is fantastic. Phil (Sonic Assault Studios) knew what IKE sounded like back in the day. He wanted to keep their familiar sound, but breathe new life into it. I think its safe to say, mission accomplished. 

    The song structures are simple. No chorus/verse arrangements. They just have some super nasty riffs, layered on top of some fast blast beats. Then, to top it all off, some of the sickest break downs I’ve ever heard. According to vocalist Cody Harmon, there is no constant theme  just touches on subjects that people could lament over 

    Which, thats another thing. Cody. I haven’t heard this band sound so good in such a long time. Cody Harmon has definitely helped breathe a new life into this band. The noises this guy can make is absolutely insane. If you aren’t familiar with his work, now you will know his name.

    Ive had this record for over a week now. So I’ve had some time to really listen to it and figure out how I feel. As for the replay value? Lets put it this way, I put it on repeat. I’ve checked my iTunes to figure out the play sound count, im approaching the 50s. Its THAT good. The lyrical content its something im keen to pay attention to. I know the lyrics touch on subjects very personal to Cody. Ranging from things like Sexual abuse, to depression, its very clear to see that this is a very personal record for him. I personally enjoy records that pertain topics that the common person can connect to. My favorite part is definitely the vocals. He’s a fucking monster. He hits some of the lowest notes I’ve ever heard come out of someones throat. I cant find anything to complain about. Compared to their last two records (Dead Peasants, Necrospire), this is the line up they needed. This is the record they needed to put out.  

    Overall, speaking as a fan and not just a friend to the band, this is making my top 5 records of 2019. Its got the sickest gutturals I’ve ever heard during a breakdown. Bill and Zack wrote some of the nastiest riffs in a deathcore record. Brian has such a low bass tone on this record, I cant wait to hear it live. Tom’s double bass seems to have gotten faster, which I didn’t know was possible. They have definitely surpassed my expectations for this release. It was definitely worth the wait.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: House of Exile, Dread 

Preorder the record here:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lamenting-hymns/1453453577 or on any major digital media platforms.

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