Inanimate Existence - Clockwork

Band- Inanimate Existence

Album- Clockwork

Genre- Tech/Progressive Death

Label- The Artisan Era

Location- Bay Area, California

FFO- The Faceless, Allegaeon, Between the Buried and Me, Continuum

Produced by long time collaborator Zack Ohren (Fallujah, Contiuum) at Sharkbite Studios, IE went into the studio trying to one up their last album, Underneath A Melting Sky. But still keep that tech sound that has proven ever so prominent for them. It is safe to say that drums are by far my favorite part of the whole record and it’s pretty clear if you have heard the album. Drummer, Ron Casey was able to really nail this sound to the t with his drum work on Clockwork. Between his lightning fast fills and pounding blasts, he brings it home throughout the album. And probably the cleanest sounding double bass I have heard this year.

Not gonna lie gave me goosebumps at times. Lead vocalist/Guitarist Cameron Porras definitely had his work cut out for them on Clockwork. The overall guitar sound was quite pleasant. The tones didn’t sound to harsh and fit nicely. His ability to just snap between different sounds was mesmerizing. On top of the guitars the man also brought his vocal skills to the record. Hard to hear at times yes but still overall quite good. Sounded like the lovechild of Nathan Explosion and Nergal. Which is in no way a bad thing might I add.

Something that this band did incredibly well that I have briefly hinted at was the fact the are able to snap between sounds so cleanly. From very technical to progressive to jazz. Yes I did just say jazz. Out of nowhere it goes from blast beats to this sort of improvised jazz club jams. I really enjoyed the change of pace in between the heavy. The heavy sound they play rivals some of the big bands out there. Can keep up with bands like Allgaeon and The Faceless. Lyrically the band hit on a lot of topics that hit real close to home. Dealing with mortality and ones ability to cope with our short time on this planet. Hence why it is called Clockwork.

Every tick means one second closer to our end. One small thing that kind of bugged me was the fact that each song kind of molded into the other. Some moments stood out yes but not enough. A song like “Diagnosis” is a great song to hear everything this band is capable off. Incredible musicianship. The parts that stood out the most were the jazzy sections. Still a great overall sound.

I really enjoyed this album. Most tech death bands stick to the heavy and don’t even attempt to dabble in any experimental sounds. Inanimate Existence aren’t afraid to slow it down and bust out the jazz. Clockwork is a great album. When it comes to the heavy they bring the heavy. It is a great mix of experitmental and death metal. Don’t miss out on this album.

Clockwork releases May 10 on The Artisan Era

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song- Diagnosis

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