Inertia - Teratoma

Band : Inertia

Album/EP : Teratoma

Genre: Progressive Technical Death Metal

Label : independent 

Location : Buffalo, New York

FFO : Aegaeon, Between The Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders

Self produced doesn’t not always mean bad quality. These guys arent fucking around. Its been a while since I’ve put on a record and been blown away from the first track. The production on this record Is outstanding. Every instrument is crisp and clean. When its just a lighter more ambient section, its absolutely beautiful. Then when they decide to get heavy, they really do get super heavy. Something I can tell they will do very well at, is hanging with bands of both the Technical death metal, and the more progressive fans. 

The song structures are erratic, something common in the tech death genre. There is no typical chorus or verse. But still the tracks flow absolutely beautifully. They transition very well from ambiences into the technical aspects. There is no constant theme. thats okay, not every record needs to have a constant theme. 

After hearing the tracks, its definitely added to my weekly albums. Its just beautiful. My favorite part is how beautiful the sound, but how they also can sound just as angry. Its a perfect balance. My least favorite part, is something so simple. The toms could have been mixed a notched or two higher. thats literally the only thing I found. Compared to their previous EP (The Cotard Delusion), the band has definitely stepped up their song writing. This album definitely just sounds a lot cleaner. Overall, im floored. Granted they have a while to go before they are at the top of their game. But they are definitely on the right track. The album is a perfect blend of beautifully crafted relaxation, and rage fueled death metal. I HIGHLY recommend this if you are a fan of BTBAM or Aegaeon. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: The Sacred Deer

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