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Inferi - Of Sunless Realms

Band: Inferi

EP: Of Sunless Realms

Genre: Technical Melodic Death Metal

Label: The Artisan Era

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

FFO: Cognitive, Veil of Pnath, Wedard

Inferi is a new band for me as of receiving the promo. Taking a look at their discography, I can tell they have been getting busy for a little while now. Well now they have a new EP, ‘Of Sunless Realms’ to offer to fans here in 2020. The EP has pretty good production. A little muddy in the mix but nothing I can hate on. The lead guitar is what my attention is drawn most to as it solos or just rips these awesome higher up riffs.

For an EP, there’s a lot to take in here. From the atmospheric beginning and the over 20 minutes afterwards, there’s no holding back in sight. I can tell this is a body of work they put a lot of work into instead of just something to throw out there for the sake of releasing something. No cutting corners here, straight down to business. Being this was my introduction to the band, I want to go through what I think of some of these guys individually. As I said earlier, the guitar work is very good. Definitely my favorite part about what I heard. Intricate but not too technical and all over the place. The drums aren’t anything too impressive. For the most part they seem to be just following along with a fast and hard beat. As for the vocals, I enjoy them more than I don’t. He’s actually pretty talented, but my main complaint is pronunciation. He’s diverse between his lows and highs, but without good pronunciation or word shaping, the vocals can become repetitive sounding, quickly. During the 4th song, we get an interlude. I’m all for interludes when they are implemented in a cool way. As for EPs, I don’t think I’ve ever been too fond of interludes when you already have a short amount of time to show what you got. Therefore in my eyes, an interlude just takes up time on an EP more than anything. Time I would’ve preferred a song to be in. The last song though wraps things up in the aggressively melodic way I had been loving earlier.

Being this thing has a lot to it, it still can seem like it flies by. If you enjoy this like I did, you can certainly throw it on for a great time any time. The only thing that’s going to stop me from listening to this too much is the vocals because I don’t want my ears to become fatigued by the lack of pronunciation in his speech. That happening could easily take away a fun element from this and quickly make it boring to listen to.

For the first time listening to not just this EP, but also the band, I enjoyed it a good bit. They have certainly convinced me to go back and check out what else they got, and look forward to a future release.

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Aeons Torn

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DlKh1IzbG3EwAMaTF2p4A?si=vhxLH-drQKG1nGkMIQNM5g

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/inferi/259113105

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