Inferi - The End of An Era: Rebirth

Band : Inferi

Album/EP : The End of An Era: Rebirth

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label : The Artisan Era

Location : Nashville, TN

FFO : Inanimate Existence, Allegaeon, Obscura

The production on this record is absolutely outstanding. Everything is super clear, and easy to hear. If I wouldn’t have been told this was a rerecorded record, I would have guess this as their next album in general. The shining element is the arrangements. Of course I went back and listened to the original album. They way the arranged some of the back tracks in beautiful. The mix is equally ad beautiful. Everything is at the perfect level. I can tell this is recorded by seasoned musicians.

The songs have some decent structure. Some songs have a chorus, and I feel like some dont. Either way, every track flows in perfection. I could be wrong, but I feel like each song has to do with the title, “The End of An Era”. But I personally can’t tell is there is a specific theme.

The replay value is strong when I am in the mood for something technical. Usually I listen to gutturals and breakdowns. But this record has the technical aspect that I sometimes desire. My favorite part is how the backtracks blend perfectly with the instruments. It doesn’t take away from anything, only adds to the vibe. Compared to the original release of this record, this blows it miles away. It feel like this too is the strongest Inferi lineup, and it shows. 

Overall, I wasn’t impressed at first listen. But after a couple spins, im pretty impressed. This album is full of riffs that will do nothing but melt your face. Its really is the technical record we need in this day and age. Granted it is a re-recorded version, its sounds WAY better. Old fans of the band will love how this sounds. The End of An Era: Rebirth will also open new listeners to a genre they didn’t know they needed.

Star Rating:9.5/10

Strongest Song: Cursed Unholy

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