Infernal Coil - Within a World Forgotten

Band : Infernal Coil

Album/EP : Within a Word Forgotten

Genre: Black Metal/Grindcore

Label : Profound Lore

Location : Boise, Idaho

FFO : Primitive Man, Sumac, Dälek

Well this was an interesting one. It’s definitely very different from what I’m used to. The production isn’t good, to me at least. Maybe they did that on purpose. I just feel like if it was produced/mixed better it would be mind blowing. One thing that would be a shining element, is how if you listen closely, there are subtle ambient noises. Some are just little orchestral parts, and there are random screams/horror aspects to it. It’s just subtle enough where it definitely does add to the listening experience.

The song structures are very indistinguishable. But that’s grindcore for you. All the songs are super fast, and very chaotic. In just about every song, there is a part where they slow things down a bit. I cant tell what the narrative is here. Between the loud guitars and chaotic drums, you cant really hear what the vocalist is saying. Also, it doesn’t help the fact he is literally screaming. But with song names like “Crusher of The Seed” and “Bodies Set In Ashen Death”, I have a feeling the album is about a very quick death, or multiple deaths.

Now, despite anything remotely negative, I’m definitely gonna have to replay this more. There are aspects of it I do enjoy, very much. I wish I knew what the lyrics were about. I looked up some recent YouTube videos, and judging by the way they dress on stage, I do get a very dark and ominous vibe from them. This is their debut record, and they only have on previous ep “Burning Prayer of Infinite Hatred”. Personally I think the mix is just a tad bit better on the EP. One thing that did get better, is they definitely got heavier. There is a part of me that has an interest in seeing them grow as a band. I’d love to see them live, I feel like the energy of the room would be insane.

Overall, its not a bad record. I’m going to have to listen to it a lot for me to understand what they were attempting to accomplish with this record. It does have thunderous blast beats and face melting guitars. But it’s a little hard to distinguish each song. This is only their first real record, so if that tighten up the production, they could be on their way to “The Apostasy” Era Behemoth. Don’t let this discourage you. If you are just a fan of fast, chaotic, grindcore influenced metal. This band is definitely right in your zone.

Star Rating: 7/10

Strongest Song: Bodies Set In Ashen Death

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