Ingested - Call of The Void

Band : Ingested

Album/EP : Call of The Void

Genre: Slaming Deathcore

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Manchester, UK

FFO : Signs of The Swarm, Slaughter to Prevail, Thy Art is Murder

The Production is outstanding. Overall, the EP has the signature tone people know from Ingested. What stands out to me is you can tell they aren’t afraid to experiment. For instance, Eternal Kingdoms Part One, has a very undeniable black metal influence. It reminds me of The Apostasy by Behemoth. Take that, and mix it with a couple small slowed riffs, and some clean guitar work. The mix is pretty solid as well. Each instrument is as a perfect level, to where nothing outshines the other. I do wish the guitar solo in Eternal Kingdoms was a notch higher. But overall I enjoy the record.

As for song structure, there isn’t really much of a chorus. But for instance, in Mouth of The Abyss, its basically slamming break down, followed by fast riffs and repeats. So its like the songs have structure, but not traditionally structured. I’m not to sure if there is really much of a narrative. I feel the tracks could span literally anything. So its hard to tell. Each track flows very well. They have the traditional slamming riffs, along with some pretty sweet black metal elements. 

I personally think this EP has some replay value. I love the first track. I also enjoy the how they are expanding from the usual Slam sound, while keeping something familiar for older fans. My favorite part is easily the first track. I love the slams. There really isn’t much that I feel needs to be improved. These guys are pretty seasoned veterans, so they know what they are doing. The record pretty much sounds like their last record ‘ The Level Above Human”. The tones are pretty much the same.

Overall, I enjoy the EP. its got the same sound I enjoyed off the last record, while expanding onto something bigger. As I mentioned, there are some super heavy riffs. Accompanied by some fast black metal elements. It a super solid ep that is a glimpse into their future. If you were a fan of The Level Above Human, you will greatly enjoy this EP.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Mouth of The Abyss

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