Ingested - The Level Above Human

Band: Ingested

Album/EP : The Level Above Human

Genre: Slamming Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Manchester, United Kingdom

FFO : Slaughter to Prevail, Vulvodynia, Signs of The Swarm

I first heard Ingested back in 2011, with their sophomore record ‘The Surreption’. Instantly, i was hooked right in. Thus assisting in the downward spiral which was the rabbit hole of extreme music. Now, with their biggest record to date, ‘The Level Above Human’ proves that these guys are not fucking around.

Personally i feel the best element of this record, is how consistent it is. No track varies too much from the others. The mix sounds like true Ingested. It captures the thunderous blast beats, and the evil guttural vocals.

The record flows very easily. There is very little down time in between tracks. As one track ends, the next one continues the pummeling. From what i could interpret from the lyric booklet, lyrics are touching on common topics of anger, betrayal, and overcoming obstacles to become a greater being. Even though you hear topics like that throughout heavy music, i feel like it is what Ingested does best.

The Level Above Human gets spun on my phone at least once a day, its that good.

My favorite part of the record was discovering the familiar voice of legendary New York vocalist Frank Mullen (Suffocation) during the first track ‘Sovereign’. “Humans are such easy prey” the track starts off with a fantastic quote. Then just get right into the fast brutality you can only expect from this band. By the end of it, it slows down to a neck breaking/whiplash inducing breakdown. In which Frank lends his iconic guttural growls.

Honestly, not much has changed since their previous release ‘The Architect of Extinction’. But dont get me wrong, that’s great. They found their sound with the speed and ferocity of death metal. Then spice it up with some slamming breakdown. Ingested mixes them perfect to create a masterpiece every single time.

All in all, for Ingested, i think they are definitely grown as a band. Their sound and play styles get tighter each record. This record is everything you could expect from ingested. I personally would love to hear Jason Evans (vocals) get more guttural. But hey, who knows what the future holds!

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Sovereign, Invidious.

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