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Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread

Band: Ingested

Album: Where Only Gods May Tread

Genre: Death Metal / Slam

Label: Unique Leader

Location: Manchester, England

FFO: Abominable Putridity, To The Grave, Aborted

As stated by Ingested themselves, a lot of well known and talented people made this record happen, and it’s obvious. As a band who used to have a lot of poor quality, slam type confusion going on, these guys have come a long way through their journey. They have developed more of a Death Metal sound nowadays that I find much more mature and complete. With the overall sound change comes the vocal growth as well, making it my favorite aspect of this band. Not only do the vocals fit the instrumentals perfectly, but Jason has a way with making his lyrics sound like he means what he says and says what he means. I value that highly. The quality and production has never been better coming from Ingested.

‘Follow The Deceiver’ opens the doors to this beast. It’s the first demonstration of how the rest of this album is going to flow. Very fast, aggressive, and angry. All packed into songs that tend to be right around 4 minutes or more, with the last song being over 9 minutes. This lets Ingested show off some pacing skills, because each of these songs flow effortlessly. They also make sure to bring it back to their slam roots at times like on the breakdown of ‘Impending Dominance’ and a few others. Something towards the opposite spectrum was the beginning to ‘Another Breath’ when Kirk steps in to bring a more singing style vocal. This of course picks up and gets heavier for the majority of the song. Before I move on, I have to touch on the last, almost 10 minute song. It has probably the best pacing on here. It feels like it came and went in a regular 4 minute time period. A great way to end this LP.Lyrically we have the usually very prideful, controlling themes. Not always in the “I’m better than you” way of saying things, but more so just talking down on everything and everyone. Hating the world, people in it, you know the usual death metal things. But like I said, there’s something about his vocals and writing style that allows it to come across as something different, and more vicious. His evil mids carry most of that weight but never underestimate those terrifying lows. While I’m on vocals, the features were equally awesome. One of my favorites being Vincent from The Acacia Strain. They utilized him in an awesome way too. He didn’t just have a verse and leave. He had a verse, then a couple more parts towards the middle and end. He was a great fit and thrown into the mix well.

As the years have passed, Ingested has slowly moved away from the gore-tastic sound they started with into a more death metal sound. For me, this has been a very good and mature evolution into something better, more powerful, more serious. Their previous LP ‘The Level Above Human’ was the first album of theirs I truly really enjoyed due to finally falling into place into a genre I appreciate more. WOGMT stays the course to form another nuke of a record. All of the aggression and conquering lyrical themes fans love, just packaged into a more structured formula. This also helps with replay value. So compared to original LPs from Ingested, this is leagues above. Compared to their previous effort, it’s only a continuation and solidification of their key sound they have embraced.

I really enjoyed this album. The only thing holding me back from saying it’s top tier is the lack of definition between certain songs. A few songs more-so in the beginning come together as a whole instead of individual tracks with their own personality, in turn creating an even bigger picture. In other words, the songs at times can sound the same. But that doesn’t take too much away from the fact they all kill and get even better as the album goes on.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: The Burden of Our Failures, Dead Seraphic Forms, Forsaken In Desolation

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0EziqO4Mehje1x6hA1Fg2m?si=-a54dgdNQPKQuNNWSWvG7g

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/ingested/316626426

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