Inherence - The Entrails of Human Desire

Band : Inherence

Album/EP : The Entrails of Human Desire

Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore

Label : 1054 Records

Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil

FFO : Bury Your Dead, Hatebreed, The Ghost Inside

The Production on this label debut is pretty solid. Its not overpowering to the listener, but its also not to soft. One thing I like about this is the unique blend of Hardcore, Deathcore, and Death Metal. Its done in a way I haven’t really heard before, beside their last album review we did (which can be found here). The mix is great. The guitars are obviously downtrend and remind me of old school The Ghost Inside. But they are mixed in a way you can still hear every note. The break downs/two step riffs are super heavy.

The flow of each track, is a little all over the place. Sometimes the suddenly cut from a two step riff to a fast blast beat. So the speed/flow of the EP if a little all over the place for me. Im not too sure on a theme/narrative of the record. This is one set of vocals I can’t really understand. Not because of the style. I think its a combination of the style and possibly their accent. 

The replay value is there for sure. If it pops on my shuffle, I definitely won’t turn it off. Its got groove and heavy riffs. My favorite part os definitely their two step riffs. They have the heaviness Bury Your Dead but the speed of Hatebreed. The only thing I hope they work on is the speed transitions. Now im not saying this is bad, I just personally would love to see it smooth out a little more. 

Overall, I think this record is a solid debut on 1054 Records. They fit right in with that labels catalog. They have some super heavy two steps. Combine that with some fast death metal/hardcore inspired mosh parts. I believe this band still has potential. Inherence is definitely going to become a staple in underground music if they keep going the way they are.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: God of Nothing

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