Inner Urge - Zakuska

Band - The Inner Urge

Single - “Zakuska”

Genre - Ambient/Fusion

Label - NA

Location - Pennsylvania

FFO - Random Rab, Tycho, Raw Earth

Not only is “Zakuska” a single from ambient band The Inner Urge, but also a Russian hors d'oeuvre served with vodka. The name fits the track as you can hear echoes of Eastern European influence in the drum beats. Hands down, what makes this track of the layering of unique sound that manage to tickle your inner ears. It starts out with an eastern scale build-up and adds in different elements of sound. What separates it from other tracks is that it is mixed and mastered well. There is a lot to be said about tracks that have emphasis on quality mastering. “Zakuska” appeals to me because it does have such unique sounds and layering that build up on each other so it feels more like a journey rather than just listening to a track.

The track flows like sound infused water. It drips with well-crafted sounds that force you to listen again and again. Not only do I appreciate beats, but the experimental use of different sounds. I like that it has this common theme of chill vibes that make you feel like you are sitting in a Russian cafe sipping on a fine vodka. Inner Urge does a great job at creating atmosphere that really pulls you in. The music truly engages with the listener. This is for sure something that I will be listening to again and sharing with others as well. As cliche as it may sound, the ending is my least favorite part of the track. I feel as if it doesn’t fit the rest of the track. It sounds like something is taking off. The production of it is on point, I just didn’t feel the ending worked for me. With that being said, I still appreciate the blending of synths and percussion.

I am a sucker for layering sounds and patterns. I like to hear interesting things and I appreciate musicians that tell stories or concepts instrumentally.  Ambient music isn’t usually my first choice to listen to, but I think that I can make an exception with this track. “Zakuska” feels more like an experience than just a listen.

Star Rating - 9 out 10

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