Internal Bleeding - Corrupting Influence

Band: Internal Bleeding

Album/EP: Corrupting Influence

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader Records

Location: Long Island, New York

FFO: Pyrexia, Suffocation, Hatebreed

I haven’t heard much Internal Bleeding before. I was semi sheltered as a kid. So after discovering Slipknot I kind of went down the rabbit hole that leads me up to now. So when I was sent “Corrupting Influence” by Internal Bleeding. I did a wee bit of research first. These guys have been around for years. They are part godfathers of death metal. So I HAD to Check this out, and boy was I not disappointed.

The production is definitely old school sounding. I think if they had a more modern sound/production, they might not be the same. So im kind of glad they kept it old school. I think their shining element here, is how they can still keep it so brutal. Even after the loss of founding drummer/volunteer fireman Bill Tolley (RIP). When I went back and listened to their older material, and compared it to this record, it literally sounded like he never left.

The song structures are pretty basic and in your face. With an average of three to three and a half minutes, the songs do move kind of fast. Im pretty sure a musical theme has to do with the injustice of the world/government. That seems to be a common theme of most of todays bands.

There is definite replay value here. If im in the mood for some old school death metal, I would definitely throw this in the mix. My favorite parts have to be the vocals. Joe Marchese has a very unique voice. It almost resembles Dallas Toller-Wade (ex-NILE) with how he can get low and gravely. But it also sounds like he has a ton of mucus in his throat. I don’t really have a least favorite part. Its absolutely a more solid record than I anticipated.

Overall, it’s a super good record. They set out to their sickest record to date, and I whole heartedly believe they accomplished their goal. If youre a fan of old school death metal, Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence is the record for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Final Justice

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