Izthmi - The Arrow of Our Ways

Band : Izthmi

Album/EP : The Arrow Of Our Ways

Genre: Black Metal

Label : Within The Mind Records

Location : Seattle, Washington

FFO : Opeth, Godthrymm, Marrasmieli

When it comes to Black Metal, a lot of it tends to sound the same. Raw sounding production, fast blast beats, and spine chilling-shrieking vocals. The Arrow Of Our Ways fits right into that realm. They way the record is written is great. You can tell they took their time with it. What sticks out to me, is the fact it sounds like old school classic Black Metal. Like if this record was made around the mid 90’s, it would probably be a hit. But in the day of modern technology, I feel the mix could have been better. A lot of the rack or floor toms get washed out during the drum fills. The guitars sounded great. No problem there. 

As for the flow of the record, that is one thing they absolutely nailed. All the tracks blend together like one giant piece of art. I absolutely admire something like that. It feels like one long journey, that seemingly never ends. “The Arrows of our Ways is a concept album focused on the journey of the self and finding solace through love in a time of extreme oppression and ecological detriment.” 

That is in the info I was given about the record. With a theme like that, there is definitely a deeper meaning behind the record. Now I can’t tell if the lyrics reflect that, since the black metal vocals and all. But the atmospheric ambience that you sometimes catch adds to a vibe like that.

Obviously when you listen to a record for the first time, you subconsciously ask yourself, “will I listen to this again”. Sadly, for this record, I personally will not. My favorite parts are definitely in the low growl vocals. But my least favorite part, is the mix/overall tone. It is something I personally can’t get past. But seeing as its their debut album, there is still hope. I would love for them to take this sound they have, and bring it more modern. They definitely have an almost Opeth aspect in half of the songs. I would absolutely love if they took an approach to sounding along those lines.

Overall, if you are a fan of Atmospheric Black Metal, or old school Black Metal in general, you will love this record. It is just their debut, so there is still unlimited room for them to grow. Which I hope to see. I love their atmospheric approach. The only thing that got me was the mix. I wish it was approached just a little differently. But if the mix was done this way to achieve the vibe for the record, they did absolutely nail it. I don’t hate this record, but I can’t wait to see them mature as a band. 

Star Rating: 6.5/10

Strongest Song: Useless is the song of Man, From Throats Calloused by Name


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