Jackpipe - Welcome to New York

Band: Jackpipe

Album: Welcome to New York

Genre: metal, post-hardcore

Label: N/A

Location: New York

FFO: Stormtroopers of Death, Hatebreed, Psychostick

Most people think of The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, or dare I even say The Moldy Peaches, when they hear the term New York music. Jackpipe violently shakes up the New York musical stereotype, especially with their album Welcome to New York. You will not find one mention of a cardigan sweater or folk lyric in this album. Instead, Jackpipe is the embodiment of your seedy bar of deep fried chicken wings doused with hot sauce and frosted mugs that drip with Coors Light. The lyrics are the big deal and they set the mood for this album. There are some gritty hardcore riffs and moments that make you think that the spirits of The Cro-Mags might have invaded the album.

Welcome to New York opens with the title track “Welcome to New York,” and sets up the tone for this album. Immediately, it is filthy, grimey full of metal and strong vocals with riffs that take the lead. The lyrics are straight up in your face with descriptions of the streets of New York and the stench of mass transit. This flows into a very aggressive track of lust for hot sauce. All the tracks fit the theme that is presented in the first song. The album ends with “Douchebag,” which pretty sums up the jerk from high school that we all know.

I am going to be honest, I am not sure that I myself would replay this on a daily basis. I think if the mood was fitting I might. I would much rather see these guys in person and actually feel the atmosphere that they project. With that being said, the lyrics are definitely something to check out. They are humorous, grotty, and not exactly what you imagine in metal. It is a twist up from the morbid fascination of death and darkness that most metal bands sing about. My favorite part of the whole thing was the mix of heavy aggressive riffs with comedic lyrics. It just isn’t what most people would expect. On the contrary, I couldn’t really relate to this album. Like I said, I think I would enjoy the music more in the actual moment. I think to truly appreciate Jackpipe, you would need to see them live in action.

“Welcome to New York” is definitely worth a listen if you are looking for something different, crude, and off-the-wall. It has all the metal riffs that you need, comedic lyrics, and it’s own personality all wrapped up into one album.

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: “Hot Sauce”




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