Kabal - Kabal

Band : Kabal

Album/EP : Kabal

Genre: Hardcore

Label : 1054 Records & Rising Nemesis Records

Location : Italy/Germany

FFO : Biohazard, Hatebreed, Harms Way

The production os this record is along the lines of old school hardcore. Its super gritty, and the guitars have a bit of heavy distortion. like, think of old school Biohazard. There are some super catchy riffs. You can definitely hear the influence behind these tracks. I think their shining element is how they can hold their own with the hardcore and death metal crowds. The mix is pretty solid. Even though the guitars are super distorted, you can still hear them. The album was recorded very well. Its not often you hear guitars this heavy and super clear.

The songs flowed super well. They were quick, and straight to the point. Most hardcore is that way. From topics of revenge to hatred, each track has a mind of its own. So its pretty safe to say, there is no constant theme through out the EP.

As for replay value, im sure ill play it a bit more. It will grow on me. Im definitely going to add it to my library, thats for sure. My favorite part is how catchy most of the riffs are. It definitely awakens the anger inside. I like when music gets in touch with certain emotions. Its their debut EP, so there is plenty of room for growth. I would love to hear the vocals work on their annunciation and technique. But I have high hopes that if they stick around, they will be a big force in the community.

Overall, its not a terrible record. It has some heavy super catchy riffs. Also has some typical hardcore 2 step mosh parts. There are parts I can definitely get behind. Id love to see how these guys grow in the future. 

Star Rating: 8.5/10

Strongest Song: Torn Apart



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