Kill Everything - Scorched Earth

Band : Kill Everything

Album/EP : Scorched Earth

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label : Comatose Music

Location :

FFO : Devourment, Disentomb, Cannibal Corpse

The production quality of this record is pretty much what you would expect from a brutal death metal record. Its super raw, and super gritty. Which is very common in this type of music. I feel like the shining element on the record is even though the tone is something you’ve probably heard before. They still found a way to make it heavy and unique. The mix is super good. No instrument outshines anything else. It’s all blended super well.

The song structures are also pretty basic. Nothing is super fast. I feel there isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before. Even though everything feels like its been heard before, it all flows very well. Each song is average 3.5 minutes of sheer brutality. It’s straight to the point and right in your face. That is something I can definitely respect. A common theme I’ve noticed through out the record is definitely destruction of the earth. I mean, we deserve it.

Woul I replay this record? Yeah I probably would. It blends in with all the music I listen to normal. But I definitely dig it. I cant find if there is any previous work to compare it to. But given some of the members track record, I imagine this is right along the lines of what they are good at.

Overall, it’s a solid release. Is it my absolutely favorite? No. But do I hate it? Absolutely not. I can see this being thrown into a mix. If you’re a fan of just straight up pissed off death metal, this is most definitely a record for you.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Intrinsic Vexation

Pick up their record here:

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