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Lamb of God - Self Titled

Band: Lamb of God

Album: Lamb of God

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Epic Records (US) Nuclear Blast (Rest of the World)

Location: Richmond, VA

FFO: Pantera, Machine Head, Hatebreed

Lamb of God are legends at this point. I don’t think anyone could deny that whether you are a fan or not. Everything Lamb of God represents musically has been fully encompassed within this LP. This includes their signature production sound. I say “signature” because I’ve always heard their production in a different light than a lot of other bands. I couldn’t tell you what it is about it but it’s that kind of production and sound that tells you it’s Lamb of God right when the song comes on. Even if they didn’t have that trademark sound, the quality is still there.

At this point, everything these guys do together is smooth as butter. So even the creepy, Korn like intro sounded beautifully dark. Hearing ‘Memento Mori’ as a single was great and gave me chills but to have it as the introduction made it even better. There isn’t much negative I can possibly come up with about this album so I’m just gonna start listing the things that stood out to me or contributed to this thing being the smacker it is. There aren't any risky or out of bounds moves within these 44 minutes. If you know Lamb of God, you know what you're going to get with this. It's a very Lamb of God sounding record through and through. They took all of their strong suits and played them right. Which, as I’ve said before, is a great thing to hear on a self titled album. I don’t want experimenting on an album that is supposed to encompass your band as a whole and what you’re all about. My man Randy is sounding better than ever. His vocals have somehow only improved throughout the years. I know he was completely self taught in the beginning, so perhaps he got some assistance to enhance what he already had going on. Still just as chaotic as ever though. He sounds very hungry in these mixes, I love it. While we are on the topic of vocalists, Chuck Billy brings a great addition to ‘Routes’. He contrasts Randy is a great way to make the vocals and song over all much bigger and powerful. Mr. Jasta also crushes on ‘Poison Dream’, as expected. With the departure of Chris Adler, Art Cruz of ‘Winds of Plague’ has taken over on this record and for the most part kills it and does a great job. Nothing too special or crazy to his playing, but gets it done for sure. The one who always repetitively stands out to me on any Lamb of God song is Mark. One of the best in the genre. Thick and juicy riff after riff with this guy. He has written some of the grooviest stuff in the past and he continues that energy and effort on this record. Other than that, we’ve got some pretty standard Lamb lyrics you might expect. Aggressive, says what he means and means what he says. Some political, but often covering different facets of life in general, focusing on specific people/group at times it sounds like.

There honestly isn’t much difference between this album and others due to this simply sounding as Lamb of God as possible. So the question might come down to is it better than others? And even that I am pretty neutral on. I just think this fits perfectly into their catalog without being better or worse than much of anything else. If anything, better in production and certain select songs, but I can’t say this stands out as some sort of king over everything they’ve ever done. It’s a very solid album that stands on its own though, that’s for sure. I was replaying the singles over and over, and I’ll be doing the same with the album.

Lamb of God have only hammered that nail of truth deeper into history with this new self titled album. That truth being they are legends and they will die that way. There aren’t many misses amongst their arsenal of songs throughout the years, and the self titled has only added to their ammunition. Its a solid, great album but nothing new to really knock your socks off. For a bunch of dudes in metal pushin 50, they still know very well how to kill in the studio. They have put their experience to great use, which surprisingly not many seasoned metal bands know how to do on album 10. If this was for whatever reason their last album, they have left us with one to remember.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: New Colossal Hate, Resurrection Man

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3JFsVIxOn7STeilPICkkB2?si=6Ya86t4ESqqlo9vHcfXS-Q

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lamb-of-god/18758452

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