Legends Shall Fall - Grief

Band : Legends Shall Fall

Album/EP : Grief

Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Moreno Valley, California

FFO : Bodysnatcher, King Conquer, Decayer

The album is pretty well written. I feel that for the “deathcore” genre, it’s kind of hard to carve your own lane now a days. What this band does well, is use their influences to create something unique. LSF has produced a record that has hardcore influences, with a deathcore vibe. That is also probably what I think stands out the most about them. They aren’t just one genre. Their songs are VERY deathcore. But I can tell that they have some deep roots/influences in hardcore. The mix was very solid too. It was a little rough at first listen, because I feel like it was a bit gritty/crunchier than I was expecting. But after listening to ‘Grief’ a couple more times, the tones they used fit in very well. I also love that at some points on certain tracks, you can hear my boy Rob’s gnarly bass. You slap that bass rob. From what I can tell, the structure of these tracks isn’t normal. As in, there isn’t a traditional verse/chorus mix. Most of the tracks do have some type of breakdown or two, which is pretty common in the genre. Despite not having a structure, all the tracks flow well. There aren’t a ton of sudden tempo changes, thankfully. If you’re going to have a gnarly breakdown, easy into it. Make us, the listeners, anticipate it. I’m not to sure on a narrative or a theme. I feel like the songs have to do with the pressures of everyday life in the society we gave now. I could be wrong, but ya know, yolo. 

There is some decent replay value here. I am a sucker for some inaudible toilet bowl noises over a slow and low break down. So I would definitely throw this album in a playlist. There isn’t too much I can complain about. There are points I wish the vocalist would annunciate a little. But I also feel that if he did, it might take away from the overall vibe the album seems to set for the listener. I wouldn’t mind seeing this band throw a couple crowd/gang chants in there. I think it would be fun for a live show. Now compared to their previous album, Untold Chapters EP, there were a couple things I noticed. The overall mix of this was a half step down. I just feel that Grief is a little grittier. Where as in Untold Chapters, the overall production/mix in the instruments was much cleaner. The vocals seemed to have remain about the same.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good record. I just noticed the difference in the mixes. Does every modern album deathcore album need to sound spotless? No, not at all. Because then nothing would sound original. So I think the overall grittiness of Grief adds a subtle tone of sadness/depression. With I also feel like goes very well with the genre.

Overall, its a pretty solid record. I know its been a few years in the making, and this band also has had their fair share of setbacks. But its paid off, very well. Grief is a crushing mix of hardcore roots with a deathcore overtone. Its got some fat riffs and gnarly break downs that will make any person listening give an immediate stank face. I would suggest you pick up a copy of this record.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: The Devil’s Hand (Feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)




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