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Let Us Prey - Virtues of The Vicious

Band: Let Us Prey

Album: Virtues of The Vicious

Genre: Power / Thrash Metal

Label: M-Theory Audio

Location: Boston, MA

FFO: Death, Judas Priest, Anthrax

Let Us Prey debuted their first LP entitled ‘Virtues of The Vicious’. There’s not much I can say about these guys since they are a rather new band and there’s no previous work I’ve heard or could find from them outside of the singles for this. What I can say though before getting into the meat and potatoes is this band has great production for this being their debut. It’s not perfect when it comes to how the vocals seem a bit separated or forward from everything else, but other than that, the quality is very nice and detailed.

When this thing kicked off, I was immediately grooving. Hard hitting riffs and drums right out of the gate, and then the vocals hit. Now, my FIRST impressions on his voice was rather negative. After these badass riffs, I was expecting some sort of “manly” growls or at the least a raspy deepness to accompany the music. But instead I got a much higher pitched singing that came out of left field for me. He has some screaming in there but everything was just a little too high pitched than I was hoping for. This feeling remained for certain areas of the album when he was continuously just belting out those high notes. But for the most part, I actually got used to it within that first song before it ended. I still wish he had a slightly lower voice, but I did start to very much enjoy his voice for the majority of the album. It began to remind me of Rob Halford. And regardless, even if I hated the vocals, I can’t deny he has a lot of talent. With that out of the way, the instrumentals are what’s really driving ‘Virtues’ home for me. I’m always in the mindset that Thrash is a dying genre. Even though it’s certainly not at its peak anymore in the metal scene, it’s underground bands like ‘Let Us Prey’ that remind me modern Thrash is still capable of killing it. Sure, they aren’t true, basic, straight forward Thrash, but it’s what lies at the core of them. Afterall, if Thrash is going to survive, it has to be incorporated with other styles to make sure it’s ear catching and interesting. Each song kept me pretty entertained throughout the song. Every song has the chugging riffs, groovy melodies, some really good solos, and drums that stand out passed just keeping the rhythm. However, there were a couple times when I said “jeez, this song is still going?” around the 4 minute mark in a 5-6 minute song. So perhaps some songs are a little long for this band’s pacing. Lyrically you can expect pretty standard Thrash metal topics and wording from what I could tell.

After getting used to the vocals, I find this project to be easily replayable. Not thrown into the daily rotation because of those slight pacing issues, but certainly gonna be putting this on more often than not for a little while. My favorite part about the whole thing has to be just the fact it keeps hitting you in the face from song to song, verse to verse. The instrumentals aren’t the most advanced thing but it does enough in enough creative ways while sticking to the basics and the result is aggressively groovy.

‘Virtues of The Vicious’ is an intense ride with enough catchy heaviness to last you a while. I’m not aware of any of these members' past experience, but for a first LP, I can only applaud them. I can applaud them for not only the awesome music they’ve put together here, but also the quality in which they have done it in. It would have been such a shame if this was in the usual quality you might expect from a young band. Great job lads. I’ll be looking forward to more in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Virtues of The Vicious, Halo Crown, Murder Thy Maker

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oowmgM8wnhhko4JJvJTCj?si=aQnVbYuZQ6udkd8RSFKB4g

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/let-us-prey/1295622443

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