Liberatia - Where the Wretched Lie Slain

Band : Liberatia

Album/EP : Where The Wretched Lie Slain

Genre: Death Metal

Label :

Location : Courtenay B.C, Canada

FFO: Revocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Kreator

First, let me just start this off by saying Thank You to Matt Roach for sending me this. It’s been awhile since I heard a “newer” band rejuvenate my hope for death metal not dying off.

The production is fucking top notch, even for a death metal album. Most death metal has a bit of a gloomy overtone. There is always some sort of distortion to the guitars that make it hard to tell what they are playing. Dont get me wrong, this album still has that. But its just clear enough to tell what they are doing. Which sometimes is hard to find in such a massive genre. There is one thing that sticks out the most to me, the vocals. There’s a huge range on that dude. He does his highs which remind me so much of Trevor from Black Dahlia. Then the lows remind me of what you hear in Hath. Most death metal vocals tend to stick to either the highs or the lows. The mix is outstanding as well

The songs dont seem to have a typical structure. You might hear the same riffs or dum beats, but I feel like the lyrics are different. So I dont think there’s any chorus/verse arrangements. Despite that, Liberatia waste no time in kicking your respective genetalia in. Each of the 4 tracks is pummeling and sure to leave your neck sore if you headbang at home.

Usually I can’t find any sort of theme, but alas! I found the band on facebook and they explain each track! "Upon this night: Hiker couple gets lost in blizzard, eventually one must lose their life for the other. Even though they both end up dead.

Adaptive Biology: its about zombies with rapid evolutionary tracks

The Flayed Man: About capturing a sexual predator, torturing him in horrible ways. Then filleting him and feeding his flesh back to him. (holy shit)

Bog Witch: a woman is cursed by some unknown force to live her life as a Bog."

All descriptions are brief quotes from facebook videos.

There is definitely replay value here. I feel with each listen you’ll either hear new notes or you’ll understand the concepts more. My favorite part is honestly the beginning of the first track. Where he screams “GO” and then a semi technical pummeling death metal band ensues. Im a sucker for stuff like that.

Im going to be flat out honest, compared to their last EP “The Keeper”, fucking everything improved. From the mix, to the overall writing. Not that The Keeper was bad, but the overall tone of the record is definitely not their best. I do assume The Keeper is their debut. So taking that into consideration, these guys have really worked on honing their craft, and it shows.

Overall, im pretty floored by this. Where the Wretched Lie Slain is the 2nd EP by Canadian band Liberatia. Its 4 tracks of pure and absolutely face pounding death metal. Its been a while since I’ve been floored by a band I’ve never heard before. Once again, Thanks to Matt Roach for this.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: Bog Witch

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