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Like Moths To Flames - No Eternity In Gold

Band: Like Moths To Flames

Album: No Eternity In Gold

Genre: Metalcore

Label: UNFD

Location: Columbus, Ohio

FFO: The Color Morale, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants

Like Moths To Flames has been on my radar for many many years now. They were one of the first metalcore bands I ever got into probably some 8 years ago now. I've enjoyed most of their work up to this point, but kinda forgot about them in the past couple years. I actually didn't even realize they had released an EP until these singles started dropping. With that being said, I have very much enjoyed the singles. So much so that I've been predicting this album to be my favorite metalcore release of the year. Well.. let's get into it. First things first as always, I like to note that the production on here is great and up to par with what you would expect a modern metal album to sound like.

From the very beginning, and to the end, the grooves and direction each song takes manages to be inventive enough to keep me guessing and constantly engaged with the music. Even the breakdowns can sometimes come at you out of nowhere. Even with the ones you can see coming, end up hitting you in a way you might have not expected. Which is very much a thing modern metalcore songs need in order to attract a listener, and furthermore, get them to stick around. Something else every song has here is an extremely good, catchy, and above all, powerful chorus. The vocals truly shine in those moments when he’s belting out these raspy drawn out notes. Lyrically the record is very deep, and even though it has a lot of metaphor in a sense, it also comes across straight forward. If you’re familiar with LMTF, these words/topics probably won’t sound foreign. That’s because he’s been struggling with those same issues for years. Chris has come full circle with his pain throughout those years, has found the answers, and wants to share it. I enjoyed ‘Demon of My Pain’ which is the slower song on here. I see what they’re doing with it, I just wish it had a little more of a cohesive body to it during the verses. The finishing song on the other hand is definitely one of my favorites on here. It’s super heavy for the band and wraps up not only the theme, but the emotion of the album perfectly.

There’s a lot of things LMTF has done differently with this record compared to previous work, especially looking at Dark Divine. DD had a lot of vocal focus and melody instead of heavy hitters. I still value it, but it’s important to point out when looking at this new one. Not only is it obviously heavier within every track, but the overall instrumentals bring in a couple newer styles while integrating unique timings as well. The guitars bring in Erra vibes with the riffing, and the drums take on some blast beat rhythms in a couple spots. It really feels like one of the most put together albums they’ve ever made. Since that’s the case, it makes the replay value sky rocket in my book. The consistency of solid tracks makes it very easy to keep replaying it in my rotation. I also moved through the album pretty quickly despite it being almost 40 minutes. Which shows another positive note in terms of pacing.

As much as I enjoy this record and do see the improvement in the band as a whole, I also have to be honest with it being a metalcore record at the core. They riff hard, play hard, and sound better than ever, but even with these improvements, it's still just a metalcore record that isn’t really breaking any molds. By all means, in this case, it doesn’t hold the album back, it just stops it from getting that true 10/10 for me. However, Like Moths To Flames seems to be stronger than ever. They’ve always been a pretty solid band in my eyes, but something about the maturity, confidence, and talent put into ‘No Eternity In Gold’ makes these guys come off so much bigger and better. I’m happy for them.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Habitual Decline, God Complex, Spiritual Eclipse

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6RRpZz1uPqY9E28kmSPAhw?si=VxCPhtEcReKlRjwtp6c3Jg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/like-moths-to-flames/354095901

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