Lorna Shore - ...And I Return To Nothingness

Band: Lorna Shore

EP: ...And I Return To Nothingness

Genre: Blackened Deathcore

Label: Century Media

Location: New Jersey

FFO: Carnifex, Enterprise Earth, Angelmaker

The new Lorna Shore EP is here with 3 brand new songs from these guys coming in at a whopping 18 minutes. By now, everyone is well aware of the single that hyped up this release ‘To The Hellfire’. Not only did that song prove this band is just fine without their previous vocalist, it showed they were once again progressing their sound into a new realm. The heaviest and most creative writing they’ve had to date.

‘Immortal’ was a brand new chapter for the band in every way, especially their sound. I think everyone can agree that prior, they were a very solid deathcore band, but that 2020 release put them on another level. They are officially leading the charge in this blackened deathcore sound in my opinion. And they are taking an even deeper dive into that here.

Aside from the opening we all know and love, the second track ‘Of The Abyss’ has Will showing even more expansion and tone in his voice. He almost has an entirely different approach to this song compared to the first. His mids are coming out more, along with deeper gutturals and higher highs. Then just completely different sounds we hadn’t heard in the single. Even more raw too at times. Not to mention I appreciate his clear effort at pronunciation. It’s obviously going to be hard with this style of vocal, but I can tell he tries to really get those words across. Musically this song is a little lighter on its feet compared to the crushing opening, but that does not stop another unique climax from taking place. I love how Adam is tearing up a solo over a low and slow breakdown happening in the background until it finally breaks through and we are all the sudden getting another brutal moment musically and vocally.

The closing title track to wrap everything up is, what I would say, the most melodic on the EP. It may be the fastest though. The riffs and drumming are going very quick a lot of the time. Also, the fact that every track has a solo is great - I love that.

After hearing the whole thing, I truly believe Will is the best fitting vocalist they’ve ever had, and although it would never happen for multiple reasons, I’d love to hear them re-record ‘Immortal’ with his voice.

This is a fantastic EP to hold over fans before a record, but to also show they have come nowhere close to slowing down or peaking in their career. Many thought ‘Immortal’ couldn’t be topped, but these dudes have so much more to prove. That was just the beginning of what they are about to become.

Strongest Song: To The Hellfire

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0pt5jMdHTsMtlzpc4OMmAk?si=XuKtkUJNRsCExr-zqrFwLw&dl_branch=1

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lorna-shore/385220213

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